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Extreme knitting, a new trend combining the fun of knitting with giant knitting needles. Create all kinds of afghans and crazy, over-the-top des. The length is vital because you need to fit your project on them!

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The knobs at the end of each needle shaft balance out the weight. The tapered points make working stitches a breeze. The straight needles have a lovely orange-colored end. The circular needles come in two different cable lengths. Lauren Aston Des offer chunky fibers such as merino. These needles were created for her yarn range. Rachel John Needles are handmade in England. The maker is well known for her extreme textile projects. Made from wood, they are lightweight and comfortable to hold. Rachel recommends the mm length as the most comfortable.

The diameters of needles vary.

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Suitable for different projects, like scarves, rugs, pillow covers, and blankets. These waxed needles last longer and have a smooth surface. Rachel John has been making these wooden needles since Made from gorgeous wood from Australia, these knitting needles are from a small business run by Marie. They knit like a dream. Made from the finest Tasmanian Oak. They feature a light wax finish making them glide through yarn.

Buy wooden giant needles rather than making your own out of PVC pipe. Be sure to take lots of breaks, as the weight of the needles and super chunky yarn place stress on your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. According to the Guinness Book Of Records, the most giant needles measure 4.

They have a diameter of 9. Elizabeth Bond UK made them. Many beginners find knitting with large needles is easier. The stitches are easier to see and work on. A project also knits up quickly.

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Giant Knitting Needles: Best For Extreme Knits, DIY & Their Uses