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Have you ever taken nude selfies and posted them online? For anyone who thinks that nude selfies are an invention of the 21st century, think again. Inerotic photography, as we know it today, was born. Louis Daguerre presented a new form of photography, known as daguerreotypes, to the French Academy of Sciences. At the time, the nude body was used officially to help artists master their ability to capture the physical form.

The latter is almost automatically more erotic. By Giovanni Dall'Orto - Online auctions. It should come as no surprise that men were depicted in erotic photography although the female form was most common. German photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden is recognized as the first photographer of nude men.

He traveled to Italy and focused on Sicilian boys and men, both fully and partially nude, alone and together. Source: Huffington Post.

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You may think that the in-your-face, over-the-top images you find online are unique and new in a world of social sharing, free porn, and overt sexuality. You would be wrong. Long before it was the cool thing, a photographer known as Monsieur X traveled to Paris to photograph sex workers in all their glory. Disease, abuse, and early deaths were common, but these women also formed bonds and became comfortable with their bodies in ways that most other women of the s probably could not imagine.

Long before we started taking selfies, filming ourselves fucking, or sexting the one we want, erotic postcards were a thing. Nude men, girl on girl action, couples, and women alone, among other subjects were about as common in erotic photography as they are now. What was old is new again. Source: Netflowers. Bettieconsidered the Queen of the Pinups, was just as enticing in a swimsuit, little black dress, or my personal favorite when she was shown in fetish gear and kinky poses.

No matter how you look at it, she could probably melt the hardest heart and turn the softest cock to steel. Art imitates life, and erotic photography is often a stylish, air-brushed version of reality staring us in the face - especially in certain corners of the internet.

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As long as there have been people with eyes to see, some of them us have looked for the erotic, the sensual, and the overtly sexual. Follow her on her website or on Twitter Kaylalords. We all know that fucking is good for us - especially to maintain a healthy heart.

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But, what if you or your partner has high blood pressure, high. Need a conversation starter for your next romantic outing? The history of Valentine's Day will be a hot topic this week as the infamous lover's. Hate your job and need a little sexy inspiration to get going in the right direction? We've got a special interview with erotica writer and sex toy. You are posting as a guest. If you have anin now to post with your.

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Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. There are no comments to display. Whether your special someone is a carnivore. Horror fiction and fucking are closely linked. Perhaps more closely linked than you'd like to think or admit to.

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Just what is it that draws people to. Halloween is coming, and that means sexy Draculas. For generations, we've learned to see vampires as sexy monsters a story I'll be covering. Deutsch English Deutsch. Celebrating Feminine Sexuality Before It was Cool-and female nude selfies Source: Huffington Post You may think that the in-your-face, over-the-top images you find online are unique and new in a world of social sharing, free porn, and overt sexuality.

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