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Throughout nine seasons of Shamelessoldest sibling Fiona Gallagher has dated her share of less-than-ideal men. Out of the eight guys she has had a relationship with throughout the series, Reddit fans voted ex-husband Gus Pfender, ex-fiance Sean Pierce, and ex-boyfriend Ford Kellogg, with Jimmy Steve Lishman as an honorable mention as the worst guys Fiona has ever dated.

After only a week of dating, the couple quickly married. However, the eldest Gallagher pawned it in an attempt to buy the family house. Unable to retrieve the ring, Sean bought it and proposed to Fiona, in front of her soon-to-be ex-husband, with it.

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Additionally, he revealed he murdered a man while high on heroin. In the following season, the two began hanging out more and Sean helped her younger brother, Carl Ethan Cutkoskyget out of the drug business. The couple also planned on marrying until Frank William H. Sean then decided to over ownership of the restaurant to Fiona and leave town. He returned in Season 8 to make amends with Fiona for leaving her at the altar and offered to repay her for the wedding. The oldest Gallagher declined and revealed she still had feelings for him.

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West Coast: Will Fiona and Sean have the talk? A new Shameless starts in 30 mins!

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However, he announced he remarried his ex-wife and only wanted to clean the slate before starting a new life with Lina. He proved he knew more about her background than she realized, and then the two entered a casual sexual relationship. As their bond strengthened, Ford began giving Fiona business advice, and they nearly took their situationship to the next level. However, the restaurant owner found out that Ford had a wife and. Now what is Fiona up to? The Irishman Ford floodie1 is with her. Maybe they are simply looking at doors?

Stay Tuned! Shameless pic. Even though the carpenter insisted he and his wife were separated and only lived together for the child, Fiona drove away hysterically crying and crashed into a parked car. Debbie Emma Kenney helped her sister get revenge and had her friends tie the carpenter to a billboard with his pants down.

Wanted shameless player liar

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‘Shameless’: Who Is the Worst Guy Fiona Gallagher Has Dated?