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for Free! Given my lack of success with the ladies in my teenage years, my trips to the public toilets became more frequent. I loved the nasty, dirty setting of these smelly and unclean toilets, rank with the smell of stale piss. My heart would race as I went through the door, wondering if anyone would be there already. I loved reading the dirty stories on the toilet walls, the offers of sex, the requests for cocksuckers, the explict pictures crudely drawn. This was so much easier and quicker than trying to cajole some uptight teenage virgin into letting me cop a feel.

As the guys in the public toilets used me more frequently over the years, a pattern began to emerge. I liked older guys better than younger guys. In part I think this was because I found it more humiliating to be on my knees for an older guy, especially if he wasn't particularly attractive and had a big old gnarled cock. He probably wasn't getting any pussy any more, but here he was with this young guy on his knees, maybe 40 years his junior, sucking on his cock like it was the best thing in the world. These guys must have felt great when they shoved their dicks in my mouth and used me as their cocksucker.

Plus, the older men were invariably more aggressive and dominant. They knew what they wanted. Some of the younger guys were fumbling and nervous, always looking around and zipping up at the first of another guy entering the toilets. I still vividly remember one of my first encounters with an older very dominant man.

He must have been in his sixties and was already standing at Up late need a cocksucker the trough when I walked into the toilet. I couldn't believe the size of the cock that was hanging out of his trousers and it wasn't even hard!! I watched as he finshed pissing and shooks the drops of piss from his cock.

He shook it a few more times and I noticed it starting to stiffen a bit. I looked up to his face and saw him smiling right at me. Busted again!! It's amazing. I opened my mouth and let that monster enter. It really was amazing. It was both thick and long, filling my mouth completely. I could taste a few drops of piss still on his cock and that made it all the more exciting, nasty and humiliating.

Really suck it. That's more like it. You are not bad for such a young cocksucker. Do you get on your knees and suck a lot of old men's cocks? I was slobbering and drooling appreciatively over his big cock; I started to moan like a cheap slut Up late need a cocksucker the way I was being used by this much older man. Having a real man's big cock in your mouth? Using you the way you were meant to be used? Maybe I will turn you into my personal cocksucker.

Invite you over to my apartment and have you service me and all the other seniors in the building. Would you like that, cunt? To be my personal cockslave? To service me and a bunch of other smelly old guys with big cocks and huge lo? There are a bunch of guys in their 60s and 70s that I hang out with whose wives are frigid and don't give them any. I bet they would love to use your mouth to fuck and shoot a load. Relieve some of that frustration.

I looked up and he was clearly angry. When he spoke again, his voice was cold and sinister, he spoke slowly and deliberately. Two more hard slaps went across my face in rapid succession. Sir," I said more clearly.

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He proceeded to cock whip me across my face multiple times with that huge cock, smearing it with his precum and my spit. Then he grabbed my head roughly and told me to open up. And with that he proceeded to fuck Up late need a cocksucker face really hard. The head of his huge cock soon nudged against the back of my mouth and the opening to my throat. I'd never been used like this before.

I was gasping for breath around his huge cock, gagging and spluttering as he kept hitting the opening to my throat. Slowly he worked my head up and down on his cock, pushing his cock gradually further and further down my throat until I could feel the hair on his balls scratching against my chin. All you cocksuckers manage to take it eventually, despite all the feeble protests of "its too big" and "I couldn't possibly fit that down my throat". There's nothing like busting a cherry throat on my big cock for the first time. When I started to gag and choke on his big cock, he would just laugh and tell me how great it felt when my throat spasmed around his cock.

Suddenly I heard a noise, the shuffling of feet. Someone was coming into the toilets, and I was on my knees at the trough out in the wide open!! I quickly pulled my head from his cock and started to get up. Boy was that ever the wrong move!! He was pissed off, that look of thunder on his face again. The slaps came swift and hard, 4, 5, 6.

Did anyone tell you to stop? Did they. Stop yapping and open wide! Behind me a heard a gasp, followed by a laugh. I heard footsteps and saw a second pair of shoes appear to my left. I heard a zip being pulled down, and the new guy said, "Nice.

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Looks like he is doing a good job. I saw him staring at my big cock and I knew I had hooked another queer cocksucker. He was a little reluctant at first. Thought he might have some say about what he was going to be doing. But I could tell he was a submissive little cunt and it didn't take long to break him. He has already agreed to be my cockslave and service all the old seniors that live in my apartment building, haven't you, cunt?

I undertsood completley what my role was now. I think he didn't want you to see what a pathetic little faggot cocksucker he is, down there on his knees with a real man's cock in his mouth. But let's face it, when you are a cocksucker, you don't have the right to say no to the demands of a man with a big cock, right, cunt?

It's gotten so easy now that I knew I had him when I first saw him sneaking a look at my cock. But the real was when I first put my cock in his mouth and his tongue immediately snaked around to clean the few drops of piss left on my cock before he started sucking.

Clear of submissiviness, I knew I could make he do anything after that.

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How had this happened? How was I on my knees getting used as this old man's slut? Getting may face fucked in front of another man. I didn't have much time to dwell on it. And to be honest, I didn't really care. I knew something had changed inside of me forever, and that I would happily do what this man told me to as long as he would let me worship at the alter of his amazing cock. I could tell the audience was starting to have an effect on him.

His cock was getting even harder and I could feel his balls pulling up tigher under my chin. Clearly he liked having this other man witness his complete domination of me. Now when I cum, I am going to rest my cockhead on your tongue.

You are going to let all my cum fill your mouth, but will not swallow a single drop until I tell you to. I want to see how you look with a huge load of cum filling your mouth. The first half shot goes down into my stomach, but he quickly pulls out of my throat into my mouth and rests the cockhead on my tongue.

I kneel there subserviently, mouth open, tongue sticking out as spurt after spurt of his cum starts to fill my mouth. For an older guy his cum is remarkably thick and there is so much of it I think I am going to drown. Eventually it stops, with my mouth full almost to the brim. The two men look down at me and laugh. I've never seen that before. You have done an amazing job on him in such a short time. Time to swallow my load. This guy here has another load for you to suck out of his balls, and it would be rude to keep him waiting.

The taste is strong and incredibly intense, just like the whole situation. When I have swallowed every drop I open my mouth so that they can see it is completely empty, and then I shuffle on my knees over Up late need a cocksucker the second guy and take his cock into my mouth. But I have a slight problem. When I came in here I was busting for a piss, so I think I am going to have to take a piss first before I can cum.

Just give me a second and then he can get back to work. He is going to have to start someday. Stay right where you are and piss into his mouth. Now listed to me, cunt," he said sternly. Drink my piss? Let's find out, shall we?

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It tasted horrible, but the humiliation of being made to do it under the intense gaze of these two real men was just so exquisitely painful. And I knew this would no be the last time a man would make me do this. I can't believe you are doing this. What kind of a man are you? Who would do this for another man? Fuck, get ready, because now that you have swallowed all my piss you are going to get my cum too.

He was moaning hard and his legs were shaking. Furiously turned on by what he was getting to do to me, I knew he wouldn't last long, and soon enough he tighetned up and gave a few last hard thrusts into my mouth. Swallow my load you faggot cocksucker.

Up late need a cocksucker

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