The natural evolution of Hamilton

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Hamilton that supports the notion that natural selection favours genetic success, not reproductive success per se. It recognizes that individuals can pass copies of their genes on to future generations through direct parentage the rearing of offspring and grand-offspring as well as indirectly by assisting the reproduction of close relatives such as nieces and nephews through altruistic behaviour behaviour that benefits other individuals at the expense of the one performing the action.

Inclusive fitness suggests that altruism occurring among organisms who share a given percentage of genes enables those genes to be passed on to subsequent generations. Inclusive fitness applying only to relatives is called kin selection.

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Relatedness is the probability that a gene in the potential altruist is shared by the potential recipient of the altruistic behaviour. Given that the average genetic relatedness that is, r between two full sisters is 0. In essence, the genes for altruism spread by promoting aid to copies of themselves. Hamilton's rule.

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