Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female

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Other interests: Has interests outside of sex!

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Such equipment is meant to be teased and abused solely for the owners benefit and amusement. I know the forgoing sounds a bit much, but that is the owner i HAVE to have. If you can answer yes to the following 4 questions enthusiastically, and with joyful anticipation, then we need to talk, seriously.

If you can answer yes to most of them and have one or two points you would like to discuss, please drop me a line. I do not own my own computer and my access to this site is not allows very reliable. If you drop me a line, i will write back with that address. I can and do have reliable daily access to that. Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Will you insure by any means necessary, that once you lock your collar around my neck, taking full and total possession of me as your personal property and slave, that under no circumstances will i ever be permitted my freedom for the rest of my life.

That no matter what story i tell you, how long or loud i plead or beg, no matter what my future attitude you will never allow me my freedom again. That if the time comes when you no longer desire to won me as your slave that you will make your best effort to place me with another owner.

That you will acknowledge that i am not and never will again be considered a man or a member of the male gender.

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That i will never be permitted to view myself or refer to myself as male. That i will never be permitted to present myself to anyone as a male. That i will, for the rest of my life, be absolutely required to maintain as complete a feminine identity, appearance, behavior, demeanor, and attitude as possible without surgery. And that if it be your wish that i undergo sexual reasment surgery, that you proceed to have such done to me with absolutely no input or comment from me.

That once i become your slave, i will never again, for the rest of my life be permitted to have a normal male orgasm with an erection and with an ejaculation.

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That you will take what ever measures necessary to insure that such an occurrence can ever happen again. That you will endeavor to train and condition me to become sexually stimulated and ultimately sexually satisfied solely by being used by you or those you as me to for your or their sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

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And to be trained and conditioned to express my sexual orgasms solely in an internal feminine manner with absolutely no penal erection or ejaculation, and triggered by penetration in the feminine manner. That once i become your slave, you will expect and demand absolute perfection in all my affairs, my appearance, my behavior, my performance of my duties, my attitudes and demeanor.

That you will push me to the absolute limits of all my talents, abilities, and capabilities, expecting, and demanding absolute John boi hotmail. Advert: I'm 23 bi boi looking for a strict Master to explore with and possible participate in a slave auction of myself. I enjoy dog training, cbt, forced femme, dog, pony and pig trianing. Im not necesarily interested by things as far as desireing them, but intersted in the sense of just being an open sub. I've done most of this, cant say it gets me excited, im not bog on verbally showing and sometimes not great at bodily showing how im feeling when things are being done.

I just let them be done to me and thats my enjoyment there really. Other interests: Camping, zoo, new age and tehno music,movies, cars, magick, drugs, internet Advert: Ok. To start off with, I am not great at communicating my feelings. I have to rely on saying how those feelings need to be qualmed before going into a situation that way an owner knows about it and should be able to take care of it.

I have been in some situations, however it lacked in anything talked about before I went to it. I basically continued with a regular life and some guaranteed forms of life that had been communicated about through online were not given. I'm a fairly open sub, but if my needs are not met too, then I am very unhappy and do not wish to continue in a given situation.

Basically, I like to be used for buttsex and sucking cock, however I do not take these actions myself. This is one of those feelings. Lube preferred although I have a fantasy of just being bent right over any time and wherevere, but currently I have a tendency to get hemroids easily. Now, the Only other real needy feeling which is somewhat a want too though is drug inducement.

I have a fantasy of that too, but I'd like to be on that all the time with something fairly good, but not necessarily debilitating. Ive tried a few things while being used for a night or so and its heightened experiences and brought out even more of a sub in me or made me more motivated to do domestic type chores while not being used otherwise for sex.

I cannot bring myself to ask or beg for these things because I rely on an owner to give when he feels like it overall, but he knows by this ad what I am really feeling. Aside from this, I'm fairly open. I wouldnt mind being somewhere with a nice warm beach somewhere down south again, but am open to nearly anywhere for the right situation. I might liek to be be hypnotized, if possible into somewhat of a dog, or if possible, something else that's kind of a fa ntasy of mine too, but still animalistic.

ANyway, this is my ad. Hope that it gets answered quickly and hope someone finds it to be the type of sub they are looking for. Advert: I am up in N. Cali, but willing to travel for the right person. Looking for a teacher and master to own me for weekend play.

Want to experience inescapable bondage, mental discipline, and being places into service as a sexual slave. Interested in all kinds of toys and being kept as a dog would be awesome. Looking foward to exploring this site for ideas, do you have any good ones for me? Advert: pup looking for other pup play mates or Owner. Being humiliated with food -- having it put in my hair or on my body and have to wear it for hours or even days.

Other interests: Enjoy writing, reading, classical music, most movies, not much TV, museums, theater, concerts, walks both urban and rural. Advert: As a pet with a wide range of interests, this dog would be the animal I would collar as a life companion and property. Relocation would be difficult as I have a house and good job but not impossible. I am a mature slave and know this is how I want to live the rest Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female my life so you know I am not just high on a fantasy rush.

You must be intelligent and, preferably, professional, have experience.

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I've been looking for this lifestyle for a long time, just havent found the right situation. I dont expect perfection, just imaginative reality. Take a chance and contact me. We have to begin somewhere. Whatever the flesh or mind needs to experience or is told to experience. I prefer quieter quality places.

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Prefer quieter quality places, don't like the city a whole much nor crowds. Other interests: Minor interests, Like sci-fi and cartoons on TV. Mostly hang around home or go outside somewhere away from stuff. Advert: I am still afraid of the world around me but I know it has a lot to offer. I admit I am new to all this but I am Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female to decide I need to stop being afraid of my own tail and leave the cave I've been hiding in. Time to begin exploring the world, exploring, understanding and using my flesh.

I guess I need a little whack to get going, once properly motivated or pushed there is a lot I can do or have done. I have a need to explore and learn. I also have come to believe that I must explore my flesh irregardless if my higher mind wants to or not, but this may take a certain amount of "encouragement," but this may take some firm patience. Especially love to play adult baby games. Love to be caned, chained, chastised joni twospirit. Advert: i'd like to meet Older.

Anyone can tie someone and hurt them, but far fewer can take control of a Mind. Advert: No Advert given. Advert: novice submissive sissy wants to become a femme slave open to all abuses and uses toilet duties etc. Love swimming and weight. Humiliation, public parties, exhibition, piss play, very into forced things.

I am new and very inexpeienced however i am willing to try almost anything. I realy like humiliatoin, degregation. A one night or weekend to start off with. I am here to please you. I consider my slef strait but like the idea of being tied down and forced to take your cock any way you want to give it to me. I could fly or take a train to you and spend a weekend, 3 days, mayeb even a week. Use me as your personal play toy. In order for me to travel to far from san luis obispo i need to be comfortable with you. I love getting fucked and being forced to suck cock and ass.

I am into SM, especially being sensually beaten and forced sexual servitude. I love movies, especially enjoy action stuff with lots of violence and nudity. At this time I do have two masters who I play with regularly and am mainly interested in exchanging fantasies, although, if things go well, who knows what could happen. Meetings in the SF Bay Area possible.

We could meet to play at the Citadel or at a 15 party. Interested in safe sex and play but very unsafe, extreme fantasy play. Prefer older guys. More later. Advert: 26 Year old U. Sir, i have an open mind am very willing to be trained and to be collared. Sir, i have few limits other than severe damage to myself. Sir, thank You for Your consideration. Advert: 24 yo sub chub male in los angeles. I need to be tied down, forced to give head, swallow and obey.

To be subjected to cbt,cp, nipple clamps and more. When gagged and tied down secure to have my ass stretched and then be enduranced fucked with a condom.

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Need my limits developed, get me into things I have not yet tried. Advert: Alphapup looking for other pup play mates or Owner. Advert: im not really looking for anything im a girl so i just like this im already owned im here just to read and that. Advert: I'm not an excessively verbal person. I feel comfortable when I give up total control. This is a mental and physical thing.

I want to serve you as you require.

Submissive slave boi seeking Attleboro Massachusetts confident dominant female

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