Single blk and romantic

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Art and love can sometimes go seamlessly together. And in this case, it made our hearts melt. Their Chicago-brewed romance only grew to greater heights once they could figure out if their connection was more friendly or romantic. Follow Us. We all took the plunge when the Watsons and Taylors collided on screen.

Sabrina Paula Patton and Jason Laz Alonzo made their love work, despite coming from two totally different backgrounds.

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Luckily, love saves the day despite the family drama, headaches and more. Sony Pictures. Leslie does more for Scott than just heal his injuries. The story follows single dad, Monty Idris Elbaas he tries to obtain custody from his crazy ex-wife. He enlists the help of fancy lawyer Julia Gabrielle Union in the process. Their working relationship goes from cold and simple to warm and fuzzy. Monty not only manages to win custody of his little ladies, but he wins over the beautiful ice queen and new found love, Julia.

Lions Gate Home Entertainment. This film pushed the envelope in Hollywood by tackling interracial relationships and the Black class division.

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Although it begins as an arrangement, things quickly turn around and the two fall madly in love over a short period of time. What was even more impressive is how he confessed the business dealings and still managed to keep the girl—despite her sometimes icy ways.

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Their besties Francine Queen Latifah and Chris Mos Def also find love with each other while nudging their friends closer together. Loading the player Shante Vivica A. Fox always knows how to keep a man in check—she has a set of amazing rules she plays by. Shante and Keith keep surprising each other and outdoing each other in the game called love in this classic.

In the end love and basketball conquers all despite the drama that tore them apart in their younger years.

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New Line Productions, Inc. When you bring college friends together for a wedding, old lustful memories and new rendezvouses are sure to enter. In this comedy, the all-star cast delivers as Mia Monica Calhoun and Lance Morris Chestnut make their bond official. Universal Pictures. We all wanted to be Stella Angela Bassett when she headed down to Jamaica and brought back pretty-young-thing Winston Tae Diggs in this cult favorite.

Despite their age and cultural differences Winston finally got Stella to let her guard down and keep her new groove. Claudine Diahann Carroll is a single mother of six in Harlem, living on welfare, who falls for Rupert James Earl Jones in this classic.

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Single blk and romantic

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