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Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. BOX You must battle your way through each of the fifty levels to rescue your Aunt. The game con be played by one or two players. I demand a retraction! Hot on the shelves by Michael T. Virus Infection Protection V. In this competitive world there is only one winner. The are in and Hurricane has won.

According to the August AmigaWorld: "Currently, the Hurricane board is the best way to increase the performance of your Amiga. You'll save hours on ray tracing, desktop video, animation, and other math intensive applications. Start racing with the You can then add a Later move up to our and maybe the Add up to 4 megabytes of bit memory and your Amiga will sprint faster than a VAX minicomputer.

Why waste time and money on less performance. Run on in to your favorite dealer and get a Hurricane, or call us for more information. But whatever you do, don't be left at the starting line while everyone else passes you by. BoxAlameda, CA U. Circulation: Asst. Raymond Marketing Manager: Ernest P. Viveiros Sr. Viveiros Jr. Emest P. BoxFall River, MA Subscriptions in the U. BoxFall River, fiAA Printed in tJie U. All rights reseAfed. First Class or Air Mai 1 rates available upon request. PiM Publications, Inc. Pirn Pulilications Inc. Send ar:icle submissions in both manuscript and disk format to the Co-Editor.

Requests for Author's Guides should be directed to the address listed above. Amazing Computing V3. Pn4aiFjrk Me5Gsr. PibMd fataHmkc. WhMu SvuHbu A. We felt the overwhelming response by our readers made this a necessity. The letters belotugive a truthful proportion to the pro and con reaction of our readership. Along tvith the overall support for the column, there have been two negative responses the most eloquent response has been reproduced in this section. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

We hope to find a suitable end to this matter which unll maintain the integrity of our "Roomers" column tvhile allowing a level of fair response for the inditnduals mentioned in each issue. Since responditig to each letter separately would be awkward, we have taken a longer view. A general response and possible solution is the Sexy women in Kef El Aogab of this issue's editorial. Roomers provides Sexy women in Kef El Aogab, insightful, speculative, controversial reporting and gives your magazine a unique look amongst the predominantly boring crop of computer tabloids. I've had quite a few enjoyable laughs reading ROOMERS rebuttals from overiy sensitive developers crying "foul", making excuses, and threatening legal action Coooooo- aren't you scared?

From the request you published in the last issue October for reader comments on the ROOMERS column's "controversy", I sensed that maybe you were thinking of buckling in to the commercial pressure and terminating the column. Please assure me and the rest of the readership that you will not! Sincerely, Anthony DaSilva Jr. Clay, N.

Dear AC: Re the Bandito. My jjersonal observation is that, however elaborately rationalized, the intent of many manufacturers is to deceive. When a mistake is made, a simple retraaion and correction should suffice. I urge you to continue Roomers. It is IBM compatible so a Bridgeboard is necessary. I should like to say a good word for WordPerfect. They have the best customer service I have ever encountered for any produa of any kind. Sincerely Hubert C. Minard Dear AC: As a loyal reader and recent subscriber, 1 would very much like to have my say as to the "Roomers" column. Frankly, I love it.

I subscribe mainly because of it, and would be incredibly disappointed if you were to discontinue it. The only complaint that I could possibly have with your magazine, is that you have elected to divide your articles across several s, e.

I read a great deal of criticism about this column and the "Bandito". Well, I for one, would like to offer my support for the "Roomers" column. One of the primary reasons among others that I purchase your publk:adon is to read the Bandito's latest gossip. Even given that many of the rumors printed are not supported, the fact remains; Tliis is for fun. Please do not let a few sour-apples spoil the fun for the rest of us.

Continue tire Bandito's column without any restrictions or modifications. Don't give into any developer's pressure if you can help it. Thanks for the fantastic magazine! Hank Macklen Bedford, Mass. The cover looked kird of familiar though I thought that maybe I had seen this issue before, so I turned to the Roomers column by the Bandito. I knew that I could tell if this was an old issue because I would recognize the Bandito's column.

The first thing I al'ft'ays turn to is Roomers by the Bandito. I actually get excited about getting the new issue of AC because I eagerly look forward to the Roomers column. I noticed diat Roomers has grown to ;5 s and I think that's great. Why I thiTik Roomers is great: -It has a lively, candid writing style with a great sense of humor. You probably know a bit about what they mean, too. You might associate them with white coats, Russian accents and shiny silver robots. What you might not know is that you can explore AI on your Amiga.

It is advanced enough to be simple. Advanced to the state of being useful, not a graduate-school curiosity. Advanced enough to interface with the real world, and get to work. Advanced enough to be useful. Weigh purchasing options in your job or at home. Evaluate performance of the hockey team. Drive animations with rules of behavior of the "actors" or objects. Create original com- puter art and music. Add real artificial intelligence to games to take them to the edge. No kidding. People don't think in flow charts, or "C" language structures or little curly brackets or parentheses. As your mother would say "If you take that cookie, then I'll This is how computers will be programmed by our children.

It will finally support all the different graphics modes, and substantially improve the power and flexibility of presentation. I understand the problem that companies have when they are the object of these rumors. I suggest that these companies give the public credit for understanding die difference betv-'een rumors and 'facts'. I also enjoy hearing their responses when they feel that they have been wronged by the Bandito. If these companies are not satisfied with the space for their replies in Amazing Mail then you should point out the service you do for them hyping their products in Hot On The Shelves.

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I hope that you do not put any restraints on the Bandito because of their pressures. That would be like putting David Lenerman on in the morning, like making a new formula for Coke, like cancelling Star Trek. I hope that you get tons of mail in support of him or her. I would like to have the time to write to each of the whiners and scold them for their lack of understanding.

Roomers is Roomers and we the readers understand that even without a disclaimer. I mean geez, really! Cut the Bandito some slack! I believe in putting my money where my mouth is so I've enclosed a check for a subscription. I am offering this support so that you will support the Bandito. I have recently purchased a subscription but am dismayed by the letters to the Editor in the first issue of my subscrip- tion.

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I am speaking of the letters con- cerning the column entitled "Roomers". One of the main reasons I chose to read and to aibscribe to your magazine was the presence of the "Roomers" column. There are numerous magazines that purport to examine the Amiga but they all seem to spend their time hyping the various companies that would give me the pros and the cons of programs and hardware and report these things honestly. While I will readily state that your article has as occasional pro-industry slant, I have come to trust your reports and reviews more than other magazines. The "Roomers" column often tells the possible bad side of the industry' and tells which products are over-hyped.

It doesn't matter whether these rumors are true, the important thing is that you had the courage to print them C and the wisdom to make certain everyone knows they are just rumors. I can see why the rumors upset the executives from the computer industry but I believe they are over-reacting.

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