Santa Fe night lets chat

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Thank you for reading! Small talk is for the birds.

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The conversations that help us become more enlightened or evolved or liberated are — rightfully — big. Breezy chitchat about weather patterns rarely changes lives.

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Sale is an empathetic listener and a thoughtful interviewer. The idea for the podcast, which began insprang from a series of deep talks Sale had with family, friends, co-workers, and mentors after her first marriage unraveled. Does she accomplish what she set out to do? The text is a compelling exhortation to have difficult discussions. But perhaps not as compelling as the podcast. These snippets are sincere, self-aware, and satisfying. What then follows is a heap of context stats, quotes from articles, cultural trends about why the particular topic is so hard to talk about.

This book may be the most useful for the supremely reticent and emotionally risk-averse among us, those who need much persuasion to utter uncomfortable truths. That said, in her extensive analysis and reporting, Sale encourages nuance. In the chapter about identity, she highlights the distinction between marginalization and belonging, offering up a more flexible framework through which to consider who we are. Where do you belong? Among whom? Who belongs where you belong, and who is an outlier?

The book also smartly considers not just when to talk but when to listen and when to quit entirely. Sale resists simple answers and asserts that challenging conversations are not cure-alls, even with the best of intentions and tactics. Rather, the goal is to try. Up. Log In. Purchase a Subscription.

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Santa Fe night lets chat

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