Need a man for ballbusting

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There are plenty of pleasure points on his body that you know about. But what about his testicles?

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Things can quite interesting in the bedroom with this very powerful move. Wondering how could a kick or an equivalent to the balls feel great to a man? Read on to know more about Ballbusting.

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It could be done with either bare hands, floggers, paddles and other BDSM aids. It may seem a bit violent, painful and crazy as a non-sexual point of view. But for some men, and women who do it for their partners it is a power move in the bedroom! A little stimulation to these crown jewels is enough to get him weak in the knees.

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The thought of losing their balls quite literally is actually a form of a turn on for some men. Dominating women in bed can actually use this move to get your man to submit and enjoy different levels of pleasure. Most men have fantasies of being controlled by dominating women in bed so ball busting is quite a fetish for them.

Part of BDSM, this move puts the man at a vulnerable position in the bedroom. It also allows you to control how things proceed. It requires consent like any other sexual intercourse and moves since there is a lot of power play and trust involved.

Men having a masochistic streak can enjoy this a lot more than you expect. Ballbusting also releases endorphins which are happy hormones to soothe the feeling of pain. These hormones then create high levels of sexual tension. Extreme ballbusting can even make him orgasm if he is into it as a fetish. So when aroused and ball busted by their partner, men enjoy even more. What is Ball Busting Love and Sex. It's like a secret erogenous zone that many hesitate to venture towards! New Woman Magazine.

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Need a man for ballbusting

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