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High grade arabica beans from women run smallholder family farms that support women equality, empowerment and leadership. We roast in small batches to develop balanced savory flavors with accents of unique complexity.

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Our coffees are medium roast, round in body, and low in acidity. We have a background in urban farming and holistic culinary arts.

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We enjoy sourcing beans from women owned small holder family farms. Through their sustainable agricultural practices their beans are nurtured to taste unique and delicious. The farms we source from are supported by or have created programs that offer equality and entrepreneurship opportunities for women. We share our connection to coffee with you through the story of our beans while developing flavors that best represent the nature of their origin through our roasting process.

This selection of coffee is sown by women, many who are the sole caretakers of their land and children. Tasting notes: Chocolate, Black Cherry, Hazelnut. Through their profits these women have invested in initiatives such as education for its members and agronomic inputs to strengthen their coffee plants.

They have invested in cows and goats to make their own organic fertilizers. They have also been able to acquire health insurance to improve the safety and health of members. Through their hard work and perseverance the women of Gashonga have been recognized on the international stage for the quality of their coffee.

They placed 7th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence which is held in high regard. Tasting notes: Maple Syrup, Plum, Nutmeg. These Naughty woman Boulder realized the root of the problem was economic insecurity and began to look for ways to earn their own money. They now successfully own and farm over 37 hectares. Thanks to COMUCAP many women have been able to rise above poverty, purchase their own land and create economic stability and freedom for themselves, while breaking the cycle of abuse and inequality.

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We source and roast women cooperative coffee in support of a more nurturing world. Shoutout Colorado - Featured Story - October Voyage Denver - Featured Story - October First Name. Last Name. Leave us a message

Naughty woman Boulder

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