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The recent trend in the dairy industry toward ad libitum feeding of young calves merits reconsideration of calf milk replacer CMR formulations. Additionally, feed intake regulation in young calves provided with ad libitum milk and solid feeds is insufficiently understood. This study was deed to determine the effect of exchanging lactose for fat in CMR on voluntary feed intake and growth performance. Thirty-two male calves 1. Within each block, calves were randomly ased to 1 of 2 treatments. The experimental period was divided into 4 periods.

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In period 2, calves were group-housed with 8 calves per pen and received ad libitum access to their ased CMR treatments, starter feed, chopped wheat straw, and water. During period 3, from 43 until 63 d of age, calves were weaned by restricting CMR allowance in 2 steps, maintaining access to all other feeds. All calves were completely weaned at d 64 of age and were monitored until 77 d of age period 4. Measurements included the intake of all dietary components, body weight gain, and a selection of blood traits.

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Total solid feed starter and straw consumption was not affected by CMR composition. These data indicate that calves fed ad libitum regulate their CMR intake based on energy content.

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High-fat CMR increased plasma phosphate, nonesterified fatty acids, triglycerides, and bilirubin, whereas plasma glucose remained unchanged. Despite the limited animal s in the present experiment, there was a ificant decrease in the total of health events mainly respiratory requiring therapeutic intervention and in the total of therapeutic interventions in calves fed high-fat CMR. Calves appeared to consume CMR based on energy content, with a difference in ad libitum intake proportional to the difference in energy content of the CMR, maintaining equal body weight gain and solid feed intake.

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Morning with fat adult Cowshill

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