Looking to lick on something sweet

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Take their genius advice for a spin the next time you crave something sweet. Take note:. Instead of caving to your sugar craving entirely, try making healthier versions of your favorite desserts—ones that still taste like dessert, but offer way more nutrients. The banana provides the sweetness, as well as that satisfying, dessert-like texture, while the nutrients from the banana and peanut butter keep you from crashing later.

To satisfy candy bar-like cravings with fewer calories and more nutrients, Yule prepares a packet of plain instant oatmeal with water, stirs in 1 tablespoon of dark cocoa powder and some non-nutritive sweetener, then melts 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on top.

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In a word, yum. Interested in learning more about sugar and how it can affect your health? Read these next:.

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Because chewing gum can actually make a sugar craving worse the artificial sweeteners and consistent chewing both reinforce the need to keep eatingNew York-based registered dietitian Brooke AlpertRD, is all about chewing on dried fennel seeds instead. Bonus: They can help aid digestion too. It may sound counterintuitive, but enjoying a serving of dessert each night can help curb your sweet tooth when presented with more indulgent options, says New York-based registered dietitian Rachel FineRDN.

By Krissy Brady November 14, Pin FB More. Credit: Photo Courtesy of Oxmoor House. Struggling to cook healthy?

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We'll help you prep. Bottom line: Less restriction equals more control over your sweet tooth.

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Looking to lick on something sweet

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Sweet to Lick