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However, there are plenty of fun things to do on weekends! Here are 53 examples of activities to liven up your free time. They are cheap, fun, and entertaining, so give them a go! Dance: Turn on the radio, or stick on your iPod, and dance away to your favorite songs.

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Community Sports: There are many community football, cricket, baseball or basketball teams you can. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people whilst working out. Watch Wildlife: Heading out to a local park, or into the countryside, is a free way to see nature in action.

Head to the Playground: Most communities provide a free park replete with a playground. Those swings and seesaws are fun no matter how old you are. Do Some Gardening: Head into your garden! If you live in a flat in the city you can check supermarkets for indoor potato or tomato growing bags and herb gardens. a Film or Book Club: Most film or literature fans will be able to find a weekly club.

Visit Friends: Organize to meet with friends and spend the day talking and having fun. Volunteer Work: Consider doing some volunteer work for a charity. As experience it can go on your CV, can introduce you to new people, and provide a welcome feel-good factor.

Visit a Zoo or Wildlife Reserve: Visiting a local zoo or wildlife center is a terrific way to spend an afternoon — use a search engine to fine your nearest center. Become a Dog Walker: Check locally to see if any busy neighbors need any of their pets walking, or put up an ad to be a dog walker.

Volunteer at a Race Track: Motor sport tracks always need marshals for their events. Volunteer to keep track safety at a premium. Pop Some Corn: A very easy, fun, and delicious cooking experiment. This is how to make Popcorn. Mark the and reward the winner. Netflix: Netflix. up to watch amazing shows such as Breaking Bad and Arrested Development. Play Free Online Games: There are hundreds of free online games you can play. Pick a random topic and you can spend hours finding out fascinating facts. Search for your localized version online.

Blog: If you want to write digitally you can start a blog free on sites like WordPress and connect with the world. Have a Board Game Day: Want a break from the internet? Make a Paper Fortune Teller: Great fun for all ages, this simple activity creates you an amusing fortune teller. Follow this free guide and experiment away.

Play the Sentence Game: Take it in turns to write a sentence on a piece of paper. You can make some hilarious stories this way. Make a Kite: Build a homemade kite to fly somewhere! Have a Go at Origami: This traditional Japanese art form involves paper and skill — learn how to master it with websites such as Origami Instructions.

Draw: All you need is a pencil or crayons and some paper, then let your imagination run wild. Write a Letter: Letter writing is a forgotten art. Have a look and see what you can make out of trash or cheap supplies. Volunteer at Your Local Theater: You can see if they take volunteers, such as ushers, for some additional experience. Creative Writing: A computer, or pen and paper, is all you need to be a writer. Hopscotch: Teach your kids how to play this classic game, or relive your youth by having a go again.

Build a Fort: The chances are you have a duvet or sofa. Cardboard boxes are also useful. Construct a mini-fort for yourself and your family and enjoy being childish for a day. Have a Kip: A 20 minute sleep can do wonders for your day, restoring energy and waking you up. DIY or Cleaning: Fix a wonky shelf, clean the flat, or wash your bedding. It burns calories and provides a feel good factor. Make Bubbles: You can go about this in different ways such as buying a solution from a storealthough you can make bubbles with household products. Read: Reading is a great accompaniment to your life.

Try Babbel or Verbalplanet for a wide range of language courses. Featured photo Looking to have fun today w Unsplash via unsplash. Master Gardener, Horticulurist, Arborist Read full profile. Going off the grid seems appealing, but it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes determination and planning to engineer the successful marriage of energy production, food preservation, and land conservation to get the most out of the available natural resources and become non-dependent on human-made resources. Before you pack your bags and move out to the middle of the woods, it is important to have a plan and to be adequately informed of what you may be getting yourself into, what to look forward to, and what to avoid.

Many people choose to stay within the confines of their regular domicile, incorporating one or two methods either to lower their utility bills, lower their carbon footprint, eat healthier, or simply to develop a closer connection to the Earth and to nature. Regardless of the reason for anyone to want to incorporate eco-friendly methods to live off the grid, there are important needs for every living being to continue to exist.

Over the centuries of human development, we have seen great growth in technology and the instant comforts of a highly electrified and automated society. We have become accustomed to being able to access things nearly instantly, without hardly having to work for them or even think about from where food, water, and electricity originate. One of the easiest ways of creating electricity is to collect sunlight with photovoltaic solar panels that convert the DC current that is produced into an Looking to have fun today w current that your home can utilize.

Solar technology can be implemented in many different forms such as panels, paints, and cooking vessels. This method harnesses the power of the wind to turn an airplane-like blade, normally located on a tower, feet in the air. The blade system is connected to a ground generator via the center shaft. As the shaft turns, the generator also turns, thus creating a DC current.

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After passing through an inverter, this energy is converted to the AC current, which then can provide your electrical supply. In many instances of homeowners who have made the choice to go off the grid, more than one method [3] of energy production, food preservation, and land conservation is utilized to get the most out of the available natural resources. It is important to be able to live off of the land without reliance on the use of coal and petroleum-driven businesses, while leaving behind the smallest carbon footprint as possible for sustainability.

Featured photo credit: Sebastian Staines via unsplash. Lifestyle Leisure Advertising.

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Share Pin it Tweet Share. Get Moving 1. Go For a Walk: A brisk walk is healthy and can be a fascinating pursuit. Go Swimming: Find your nearest leisure center and go for a swim. Check Out Your Local Community 8. Read Next. Lifestyle Advertising.

Looking to have fun today w

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53 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend