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The LinkedIn study may not have revealed any stark differences in the way women and men hunt for jobs, but it does offer employers some insight, implying that they might attract more talented women by showcasing evidence of fair pay practices and an inclusive culture. Pay transparency is key in closing the pay gapand all applicants benefit when job postings disclose pay rates. The practice can also demonstrate fairness in employers' compensation practices. When engaging candidates in the interview process, hiring managers should make note of the language other supervisors use to describe candidates.

A study on how recruiters viewed female and male applicants based on word descriptions of their qualifications found that references for women focused more on soft skills than technical capability. This made women appear less qualified than male applicants and more likely to be passed over in the hiring stages of recruiting. Even in an era in which the demand for soft skills couldn't be highertechnical know-how still scores high. HR managers might need to monitor which candidates are reviewed then passed over more closely — then flag any disparities that might show bias based on gender or ethnicity.

As some states begin to open vaccine spots to everyone 16 and older, it's a question employers may find themselves wanting to ask.

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Want to share a company announcement with your peers? Search x. An article from. Brief Women are more selective when job searching, but ask for fewer referrals. Published March 8, By Valerie Bolden-Barrett Contributor. Dive Brief: Women were more selective about the jobs they apply for than men but less likely to ask for referrals, a new LinkedIn study found. The findings were based on data from million LinkedIn members in more than countries.

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By disclosing this information, companies may al to female applicants that the company is committed to fair pay, LinkedIn said. Recommended Reading: HR Dive Words describing women make them appear less qualified for jobs than men, study finds. Filed Under: Talent. Mailbag: Can we ask employees if they've been vaccinated? Ed Brown. Opinion Receiving a DOL compliance audit?

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