Looking for love not a one night stand

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In this case, casual sex is a lot like drugs. How guys react to my views shows me who they are. Not having one-night stands has also shown me just how many guys think sex is so damn important to them. Sticking to my guns helps me weed out the losers who are just after a booty call.

It stung badly. It happened during my first relationship, with the first guy I loved. One day the sex just felt like it had no feeling behind it at all. When I get with someone new, I wait a while before getting into bed with him. Some guys and women!

It made me see just how paranoid I am when it comes to health. I know that safe sex is a must, but even then some STDs can sneak through condoms. I like being different. A few times I was tempted to have one-night stands, but I knew deep down that the real reason why I wanted to was so that the guy would hopefully catch some romantic feelings.

It would just mess with my head and screw me up. An example is how men see themselves after having one-night stands. God, it makes them sound pathetic, actually. Like what happens after the sex, for instance. No thank you. Dating with clothes on causes enough anxiety as it is. Are they about letting loose? Having sexual pleasure? The adventure of sex with a stranger?

That sounds a bit overrated to me, especially since I can get all those things in other ways. A UK study found that men and women treat the proposition of casual sex differently. Just thinking that makes me feel sick.

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Looking for love not a one night stand

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The psychology of a one-night stand