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At the same time, other Bazel users prefer frequent, high quality updates with small, incremental features delivered regularly. We are pleased to announce that, starting with the next major release 4. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us: bazel-discuss googlegroups. Follow bazelbuild. the discussion on our mailing list. Subscribe to our blog via the RSS Feed or via :.

The source for this blog can be found on GitHub. Toggle. Here is an example timeline: Some benefits of this new release cadence are: Bazel will release stable, supported LTS releases on a predictable schedule with a long window without breaking changes Bazel contributors and rules owners can prepare to support future LTS releases with rolling releases. Bazel users can choose the release cadence that works best for them between LTS releases and rolling releases. Each LTS release includes all new features, bug fixes, and breaking changes since the last major version.

Bazel supports each LTS branch for 9 months with critical bug fixes, but no new features. Thereafter, Bazel provides two years of maintenance, with only security and OS compatibility fixes.

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Bazel Federation reboot: Bazel provides guidance about the ruleset versions that should be used with each Bazel release so that each user will not have to manage interoperability themselves. Rolling releases: Live-at-head approach, which reduces upgrade distance and cost. Bazel's main branch forms the basis for rolling releases.

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Incompatible flags will still be used to ease the burden of migrating to new functionality, but default behaviors may change with any rolling release. Twitter For more frequent updates, follow us on Twitter. Follow bazelbuild Discuss the discussion on our mailing list.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(719) 913-1727 x 9518

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