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Little describes something that is small in size. Little also describes a short time. And little can refer to a small amount of something. Little has many other senses as an adjective, adverb, and noun. If something is littleit is tiny or physically small. Little is the opposite of words like bighugeand gigantic. The noun form of this sense is littleness.

Real-life examples: Looking for alittle later babies are little. A single grain of sand is little. A dime is a little coin compared to quarters and nickels. Used in a sentence: I found a little piece of paper tucked inside the small book. Little also describes a short amount of time. Real-life examples: A five-minute rest is a little break. You might go away for a weekend and call it a little vacation. And days is a little over a year. Used in a sentence: We stopped at the gas station for a little bit to fill up the car before continuing our trip.

Real-life examples: A chef might add a little salt to a recipe. There might be a little rain on a cloudy day. A new chess player usually has little chance of beating a professional. Used in a sentence: She added to the romantic atmosphere by playing a little music.

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Used in a sentence: If you are looking for paint, there is a little in the supply closet. The first records of little come from before the s. What are some other forms Looking for alittle later to little? Little is a very common word often used to mean something is small, short, or of a low quantity. My cat Finkle is 17 now and in pretty bad shape. So sad to see him like this, we saved him when he was just a little kitten. Trying to find ways to employ people so that they can at least earn a little money.

Having my windows cleaned on the outside today. Is little used correctly in the following sentence? The fence stops big animals, but little animals can still squeeze through the small gaps. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five. A little more than a month ago, the Big Ten became the first major conference to postpone the season.

Later, a researcher from Yale and Pew Research Center conducted separate tests that also found little to no evidence in support of the claim. But Babylon asks us to do a little more: It wants us to empathize. Everybody is trapped in an elevator together and tempers run a little hot. How about baby drama with little Abijean and the Wee Baby Seamus?

I was a little mystified at how benignly he responded to my questions about his business activities. Scalise spoke briefly, adding little of substance, saying that the people back home know him best. It is most peculiar, and when he plays that way, the most bewitching little expression comes over his face. In less than ten minutes, the bivouac was broken up, and our little army on the march.

A little boy of four was moved to passionate grief at the sight of a dead dog taken from a pond. Squinty could look out, but the slats were as close together as those in a chicken coop, and the little pig could not get out. Then there was Wee Wo,—he was a little Chinese chap, and we used to send him down the chimneys to open front doors for us. In addition to the idioms beginning with little. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! If you want some ice cream, there's a little in the refrigerator. See synonyms for little on Thesaurus. Forget feline and canine, we have a wild and sensational quiz on adjectives based on animals that you are sure to go ape over.

Idioms about little. Little, diminutive, minute, small refer to that which is not large or ificant. Little the opposite of big is very general, covering size, extent,quantity, amount, duration, or degree: a little boy; a little time. Small the opposite of large and of great can many times be used interchangeably with little, but is especially applied to what is limited or Looking for alittle later the average in size: small oranges. Diminutive denotes usually physical size that is much less than the average or ordinary; it may suggest delicacy: the baby's diminutive fingers; diminutive in size but autocratic in manner.

Minute suggests that which is so tiny it is difficult to discern, or that which implies attentiveness to the smallest details: a minute quantity; a minute exam. What is a basic definition of little? Little can also describe a small amount of something. Little is also used in this sense as a noun. Where does little come from?

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Did you know How is little used in real life? Try using little!

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Words related to little scantinsufficientslightmeagerlimitedbarelyseldomrarelyhardlya littletouchtastebithintinfantshortdinkyweepetitediminutive. If voters are wary of stating support for Trump in polls, why does he outperform GOP Senate candidates? Philip Bump September 16, Washington Post. How businesses are preparing for the U. Music-Study in Germany Amy Fay. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. January, Children's Ways James Sully.

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Squinty the Comical Pig Richard Barnum. Davy and The Goblin Charles E. See also lesslesserleastlittlerlittlest. In addition to the idioms beginning with little little bird told one, a little by little little frog in a big pond little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a little pitchers have big ears.

Looking for alittle later

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