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Law enforcement in Alaska came face-to-face with Israel Keyes for the first time inafter he was arrested in connection with the disappearance of a young woman kidnapped from a coffee stand. The investigation exposed one of the most diabolical and meticulous serial killers in American history. The search for his potential victims is far from over. Asked why he picked his victims, Keyes responded: "I didn't.

It was just random. Samantha Koenig, a barista in Anchorage, was one of those victims. A security camera captured her abduction, and unusual activity on her ATM card led police to Keyes, then 4, miles away in Texas.

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Keyes confessed to Koenig's murder and over the course of several months, pointed investigators to three other victims. But investigators believe there may be seven more victims based on comments made by Keyes in interviews and drawings of skulls Keyes made using his own blood. The FBI revealed those drawings and other never before seen evidence to "48 Hours," including examples of Keyes' "kill caches" — kits containing guns, zip ties and other items he would bury across the United States years in advance, in anticipation of committing a crime.

The FBI believes that several more caches are buried and may contain evidence in other unsolved murders. FBI Special Agent Looking for a real girl Anchorage Alaska wa Nelson tells correspondent Peter Van Sant she is optimistic they can find answers to the other cases, and they are asking for the public's help. And it may take a long time," she said. In Februarythe residents of Anchorage, Alaska, were shaken by a frightening mystery. It was the evening of February 1, when year old Samantha Koenig vanished after her night shift at a roide espresso stand. Michelle Tasker : She went to work that day expecting to go home — going to her boyfriend and her dad.

But that didn't happen. Multiple calls went unanswered. Several hours later, her boyfriend's cell phone lit up with a message from Samantha's phone. Michelle Tasker : The text messages … said something to the effect of … "I'm going on vacation. I'm tired," … you know, that she was just going away. That wasn't her character. So, they knew something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong, and the next day investigators watched it all unfold on security camera video.

So, she's doing all her normal things that she would do to get ready for closing. She handed something to the customer. She backs up — and this is where you see Samantha do this — you see her raise her arms. Peter Van Sant : When you raise your hands like that, it's usually because somebody's doing this [points finger like it's a gun]. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : Yes. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : And then … you see two individuals walk away.

If she's still alive. If she's getting any sleep. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : As time went on, there was a tremendous amount of fear about what happened and- — and who was in our community that could do something like this. She seemed like she was a very kind individual. Caring about others.

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You could tell that she had a lot of friends that cared about her a lot. Special Agent Katherine Nelson [driving with Van Sant]: There was no obvious lead in this case, and … it posed so many barriers for us in the beginning as to where to start looking for her.

Hand out flyers. Ask around. If you know somebody who knows something, get 'em to talk. We just need some sort of — it's that one lead, that one tip that's gonna bring her home. As friends and family fan out across Anchorage to try to find Samantha, the question is, "could she also be somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness? Michelle Tasker : That's when the text came in, that said there was a ransom note and where to go.

The text to Samantha's boyfriend was as mysterious as her disappearance. It said to look in Connor Park under pic of Albert. It also said, "ain't she purty.

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Michelle Tasker : We just got up and just ran. I walk up … and there's a picture of a missing dog named Albert. And right underneath is a plastic bag with a — looked like a clipping and a photograph in it. Didn't touch it. We called the police. That was connected to Samantha's debit card, which the kidnapper had. And the photo, which has not been made public, was of Samantha holding a newspaper. Several hours later, a man makes an ATM withdrawal using Samantha's card.

Special Agent Jolene Goeden : He has a covering over his face, dark clothing, he has gloves on his hands. And so, it's — there's very little … you can tell. Investigators rushed to the ATM but were too late, missing the suspect by minutes.

One week later, another ATM withdrawal is made. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : This one is very different. This withdrawal occurs in Wilcox, Arizona. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : He's heading east. We can see that he's moving across the I corridor. But the suspect had made a crucial mistake. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : That information was pushed out to law enforcement across that entire corridor.

Then on March 13, a state trooper notices a vehicle matching that description in a Texas hotel parking lot. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : And a short time later a man comes out. He gets in the vehicle, and he starts to drive away. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : And once that vehicle exceeds the speed limit, he has his probable cause to pull that vehicle over.

That trooper's instincts were spot-on. A search of the car uncovers Samantha's ID, her debit card, her cellphone and a gun — along with a disguise that matched the man in the ATM photos. So, if Samantha is … alive … then we really need to find her quickly. Frank Russo Assistant U. Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska : At that point, we didn't really know, you know, was he the one who took and kidnapped Samantha Koenig? Or was he someone who was just … using a credit card that he found?

Special Agent Jolene Goeden : And then there were other times where you know the hair on the back of your neck stands up a little bit. No crimes of violence in his history, no sex offenses in his history, nothing like that.

Frank Russo : Even one of my colleagues at the U. Attorney's Office used him as a handyman. Peter Van Sant [surprised]: One of your colleagues hired him to do some work? Frank Russo : Sure. An Anchorage resident sinceKeyes lived in a house in a residential neighborhood with his girlfriend and his year-old daughter from a relationship.

Neighbors say he didn't stand out. Frank Russo : We started off with "Where is Samantha? Frank Russo [in conference room, pats chair]: He would've been sitting right here. Frank Russo : Once we heard what he had to say, it … went from being a very happy Looking for a real girl Anchorage Alaska wa as a prosecutor to one of the worst I've ever had. The video of that confession had never been made public. In it, Keyes said he pointed a. Frank Russo : I remember asking him, you know, "why did you pick that coffee cart at that time?

Meaning, he chose her completely at random. Keyes said as they walked off into the night, Samantha broke free and ran. Special Agent Jolene Goeden : He chased after her and tackled her. She'll be able to — to go home. It was all a lie. Instead, Keyes drove Samantha to his home, chained her up in his shed, and sexually assaulted her. Keyes then strangled her to death. Keyes' family, the FBI later determined, knew nothing about the horrors that had just taken place.

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Frank Russo : He was talking about the murder of this girl like someone else would discuss what they had for lunch. Within hours of murdering Samantha, Israel Keyes left Anchorage for a Caribbean vacation with his family. Keyes didn't return until two weeks later. It was then that he posted the ransom note and texted Samantha's boyfriend, knowing she was already dead. Keyes told investigators he had driven some 35 miles north of Anchorage to Matanuska Lake, where over the course of three trips he disposed of Samantha's remains.

Frank Russo : He had drilled a hole and went ice-fishing in the lake. And he … had placed parts of her body down the lake … as he fished I remember … asking him, "Did you catch any fish? Frank Russo : I remember I was the one who told both Samantha's mom and dad. Michelle Tasker : He has a daughter.

And you did that to somebody else's daughter? After talking to Keyes, investigators realized they had a depraved killer on their hands, and that Samantha was likely not Keyes' only victim. Inside the investigation of a serial killer and the FBI's mission to identify unknown victims. Special Agent Katherine Nelson knew every aspect of Keyes' life needed to be examined, so she started a deep dive into his paper trail.

Frank Russo : And he said "I want a promise that I'll get the death penalty. Hold a bunch of your cards back.

Looking for a real girl Anchorage Alaska wa

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Solving the murders of Israel Keyes