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Which also means if you haven't been notified that you won today, you still have a chance! Oops — looks like it may take a couple of days to find out who actually won! Roy Cooper. In a scathing letter see attached below sent to Senate leader Phil Berger R-EdenWiggins explains why his board told their local representative Kevin Corbin R-Franklin to vote for the bill. Wiggins provided in his letter. Feedback is always welcome. Usually, Medicaid is limited to low-income children, a small of their parents, pregnant women and seniors in financial need.

But the Affordable Care Act opened the door for states to add low-income workers who make too much to qualify for the program but too little to qualify for subsidies to purchase health insurance on the online marketplace.

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The federal government has committed to paying 90 percent of the cost, more than the usual two-thirds of the cost for regular Medicaid patients. After almost seven years, the data supporting the benefits of Medicaid expansion to states and individuals are becoming overwhelming.

Research also overwhelmingly shows that expanding Medicaid saves states money, even as it stimulates health care spending, producing a widening circle of economic benefits. Those are some of the reasons conservative stalwarts such as Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson and former GOP gubernatorial candidate George Little have come out in favor of expansion. Carteret County is known for its conservatism, along with the beach communities where people working in the tourism industry lack steady year-round income.

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The Chamber voted to send resolutions of support to House Rep. Norman Sanderson R-New Bernhe said. NCEast Alliance Chambers, a group partnering with chambers in 13 eastern counties including Carteret has also endorsed the expansion of health insurance that would come with HB What gradually moved many people, Chafee said, was hearing about friends and neighbors unable to purchase insurance, about people who went without and then got sick.

Chafee has been in economic development for more than four decades, he also argued the insurance problem holds back entrepreneurship in eastern North Carolina. Finally, he said the NCEast Alliance members started to understand the importance of extending insurance to more people, and what that would mean to the hospitals in the area. The more people get beyond the rhetoric of opposing Medicaid expansion, the more they support it, said Sophia Paulos, the economic development director for Graham County.

Correction: This story originally misidentified the photographer of the picture taken by Jill Hammergren. Coastal Review Online. His odds of survival were before his leg was removed. This time, doctors removed a chunk of flesh and muscle from his right calf. Bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificuswhich he came into contact with in the floodwaters Sept.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in five people with the infection die, sometimes within a couple of days after the bacteria enter the body. In the midst of hurricane season, which runs June 1 — Nov. While V. The CDC estimates vibriosis causes 80, illnesses each year in the U.

About 52, contract it as the result of eating contaminated shellfish. Vibrio parahaemolyticus is the most commonly reported species and is estimated to cause 45, illnesses a year in the U. Between and27 North Carolinians were infected by V. Seventy percent of those cases were wound infections, many as a result of someone cutting or scratching themselves while handling crabs or having an open wound, cut or sore and coming into contact where there were high levels of the bacteria in brackish waters.

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A Wilmington man died Sept. That same day, New Hanover County officials issued a press release warning about the risk of vibrio. Richard Flaherty did not have so much as a scratch on his ankle when he walked into the floodwaters last September, his wife said. But, he has thin skin, she added, and a history of skin cancers resulting from radiation exposure during his time in the Air Force. Those factors may have made him more susceptible to the bacteria. Those who cannot avoid coming into contact with flood waters are urged to take the following precautions:.

The symptoms of infected wounds include pain, swelling and redness that may rapidly spread or blister. Emergency medical technicians who responded to her call on the evening of Sept. When Penny Flaherty started to administer the medications to her husband at 5 a. Emergency responders assisted her husband down the stairs from the front door of their home and into an ambulance, she said. Richard Flaherty was diagnosed with V. Richard Flaherty spent almost 22 days in the intensive care unit. He was discharged from the hospital after 41 days.

They continue to travel to Durham every two weeks for immune infusion treatments, something he has been receiving for three months now, Penny Flaherty said. We both cry a lot. We laugh a lot. Counties were deemed high risk if they had higher than the national rate of High-risk counties had a few common characteristics: fewer primary care physicians perresidents, higher unemployment, a higher proportion of whitesfewer people with a high school education and fewer residents under the age of Of rural counties in the U.

But urban areas were also likely to be high risk.

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Map: Yen Duong. Although Henderson County, south of Asheville, has a federally qualified health center that offers methadone, it was classified as high risk.

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Steven Smith, the health director in Henderson County, thinks that may be because, with more education, more deaths have been identified as opioid-related. People who want to get medication-assisted therapy face multiple barriers before they can access the three forms of MAT: buprenorphine, methadone and naltrexone. To dole out buprenorphine, the most common MAT, doctors complete an eight-hour training and apply for a federal waiver to prescribe to up to 30 patients. They can apply for a waiver to prescribe up to patients, and after a year they can reapply to prescribe to per year.

For those with opioid use disorder, that means withdrawing from opioids first, a hurdle that can be insurmountable for many. But naltrexone has no waiver requirements for prescribing and can be useful for some patients. The study argues that increasing access to these medications in high-risk opioid counties could reduce deaths by up to 60 percent. Haffajee said states should encourage doctors to prescribe more buprenorphine, help more doctors get the waiver, and also focus on policies that address the other conditions of high-risk counties—the linkages to care mentioned by Kinsley.

Right now, federally waivered doctors who prescribe buprenorphine must also register with the state. House Billwhich was just ed by Governor Cooper, gets rid of that requirement and gives more support to needle exchange programs and people who test drugs for contaminants. In that case, patients could go to a usual MAT provider for their first few doses, and then the provider could send out a nurse or doctor out to rural satellite offices near the patient a few times a week, Kinsley said. Starting Sept.

In the weeks since, many Trenton residents and others in the 10,resident county have lived betwixt and between, flooded out of their customary homes, but unable or unwilling to relocate permanently. The Federal Emergency Management Agency gave housing help to Perry and more thanother North Carolinians who have registered as disaster survivors since Florence. They were under water. On Haiti Street, next door to a house with a man-sized cross and a statue of the Virgin Mary in the yard, Victor Guadarrama was at work clearing mounds of sodden debris from his mobile home.

Residents from Haiti, one of the neighborhoods closest to the river, were driven from their homes and are staying with relatives, at motels, or wherever they can find lodging, neighbors said. Even before the storm, the county had a shortage Housewives seeking sex tonight Atlantic NorthCarolina 28511 affordable housing. They were living with another lady and it was too cramped at that house. Like others throughout the state, many Jones County residents face the decision of whether to repair a badly damaged long-time home or accept money for it from the government to move on, Howard said.

The buyout process is a complex one but may Housewives seeking sex tonight Atlantic NorthCarolina 28511 in a market-value payment so the homeowner can make a new start. They seemed very worried and upset. And celebrity chef Vivian Howard, whose restaurant in Kinston is 20 miles and change from Trenton, is also raising money for Jones County, through sales of T-shirts. On her website, Howard pointed out the low profile of Jones County, where about two-thirds of working residents have jobs outside the county.

In trying to overcome that obstacle, we are trying to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to us. While Wilmington received national publicity because flooded ro cut off land access for days after Florencesimilar isolation Jones County went mostly unnoticed. After that, it was an hour and a half drive just to New Bern. It usually takes about 20 minutes to get to New Bern, where Wilson works as a prison re-entry case manager for Craven and Pamlico counties and as a job-readiness counselor at Craven County Community College.

In the North Carolina counties hit hardest by Hurricane Florence, people who already get help buying food will be given more, and those not on a state or federal food program can receive assistance going forward, federal and state officials said Thursday. The announcement follows by a few days a visit to the state by U. Families will have a one-time deposit placed on a special debit card, with the amount based on the size of the household.

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Mandy Cohen said in a statement. Some groups of counties are covered by special provisions. The help will come in several different forms.

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People on the FNS program who have experienced food loss can ask to have a portion of their benefits for September replaced. Households that experienced loss of food and receive less than the maximum benefit can apply for additional amounts from their county Department of Social Services.

During a major hurricane, fish migrate away, oysters get contaminated and shrimp are blown to sea, scattered to deeper waters. Though sometimes unnoticed, the seafood industry takes a big hit after storms Housewives seeking sex tonight Atlantic NorthCarolina 28511 Florence. We are isolated to the coast. Anticipating the power outages, many fishermen got as much seafood as they could out of their giant cooling lockers and shipped it north and west. Any inventory that touches flood waters must be discarded. Florence struck Pamlico County fishermen the hardest, according to Skinner.

Some fish packing operations in Oriental and Vandemere were completely destroyed. We use that money and put it away for the winter time. The fisheries are going to be gone after this strong blow for several days. It will be next spring before we can make that up. Jerry Schill, government affairs liaison for the fisheries association, said these types of storms have a big impact on the mental health of fishermen and other working class North Carolinians.

The crew is paid the same as the captain. Fish packing houses have walk-in ice freezers that hold mounds of shaved ice, like piles of snow plowed to the roides after a blizzard. Local fishermen offered and delivered ice to anyone without power after the storm.

With electric poles knocked down and stripped of wire, it took more than a week to restore some parts of the coast. Brent Fulcher, who owns a large seafood operation out of Beaufort, posted to Facebook that he was offering ice and hot showers on his boats.

A hot shower and a little ice to keep your drinks and food cool can make a big difference after a hurricane. In some instances, local fishermen also used their smaller boats to rescue friends and neighbors from their flooded homes. But during Hurricane Florence, he said the water was chest deep in his front yard and over his head in his backyard. But many houses flooded anyway.

Skinner tied his foot fishing boat to his front porch as it floated off its trailer. He planned to take his family through the second story windows and onto the boat if the waters came into the house. Luckily, his house sits up on a concrete block foundation and was spared. Skinner rescued a nearby friend and his cousin and some of her animals from flooding. He managed to escort two horses through the flood waters to safety, as well as a dog and a goat. She was out serving meals to other people. Though many are focused on what happens above water during a hurricane, marine scientists at University of North Carolina are interested in the critters below.

Rachel Noble, professor at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciencessaid for many, their habitat is disrupted and they can be blown out to sea or pushed away by waves. Many shrimp species are found in estuaries, which are between five and 10 feet deep.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Atlantic NorthCarolina 28511

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