Honest single 39 male here

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Yet you may have reached your 30s or 40s and never have been married.

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Throughout my adult life I have had many enjoyable relationships of varying lengths, but have never been moved to make any sort of commitment, though there have been many opportunities to do so with a of wonderful women. I was concerned about disappointing womennot being that white knight that they were looking for. Still, as I get older, I get a little more realistic about it. Steven, who works for a commercial real estate development firm, characterized himself as reasonably handsome and in good shape, intelligent and educated, and financially secure.

And, he said, his luck with women has been consistently good. In fact, afterward those women turned out to be very good friends of mine.

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Still, Steven admitted, he holds dear one idea that can be a barrier to marriage. They should be mature and self-sufficient to a degree, but not bored or jaded. Intelligence is at the top of my list. She should also have widely varied cultural interests, and open-mindedness to new things is important.

He has met women often in the course of his work, he said, and sometimes has been introduced to new women by married people, who make up the majority of his friends. I always welcome that. At age 38, does this single man--whom some might consider an endangered species--often get asked that jarring question in the second paragraph?

More and more people seem to be surfacing who are in my position, being older and single.

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And because of that there are more stable marriages and home environments for raising children. People like myself are being viewed as more valuable, all other things being equal. Allow is really the word there. I want any relationship to be an equal situation.

The mailbox is still open on the subject of being single in your 30s or 40s.

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How has the era of AIDS affected your dating relationships? Has time affected your feeling on whether it was the right or the wrong thing to do?

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Honest single 39 male here

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He’s 38 and Still Single, and Here Are the Reasons Why