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I was in Grand Junction on business and came to Fantasy as it was the only game in town. Wound up having an extremely fun night. Club layout is pretty good. Big bar and stage area downstairs. Private rooms upstairs.

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Some semi-private lapdance booths downstairs but not worth it as explained below. I wound up having some drinks with some of the dancers at the bar. Although I usually just drink beer, we downed quite a few shots which led to some fun. I went upstairs for a private VIP with one dancer, which was really pretty good; ificant two-way touching; she was fully nude.

We then returned upstairs with another dancer for a session, which was a lot of fun. Nothing crazy, but good solid fun.

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Although the price was not "cheap" it was all in all worth it. I also tried the downstairs lapdance area too. Not worth it in my opinion. One way touching only, and pretty uptight. Not great. The girls themselves are not knockout-type good looking. But, they make up for it with personality and enthusiasm. If business takes me back, I'd go again and will skip the downstairs lappers in favor of the upstairs VIP.

Not hard to find Literally haven't seen one that's a 7 or less! Worked here the last two weekends and this club is my favorite so far in all my travels! Absolutely no smoking inside : and has a full bar plenty of beautiful women. I haven't worked at a club that allows touching of "this sort" since Miami and has so many absolutely beautiful skilled woman of all varieties.

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Definitely something for everyone here! The music if also all over the board but mainly rap and heavy metal. I'll be here one more weekend October 6th-8th I've been having such a blast rock climbing in this area and meeting such great people. If you get a chance to stop in this area check out the upstairs dances. Mileage can go as far as you want I'm sure here ; I do know money goes a long way!

Club is a little hard to find, espeically if you're not from the area like me. It's in an industrial area on the west side of town. I just missed happy hour 7 to 9 I think where domestic beer was 2-for The club is a decent size rectangle, with the main stage right in the middle.

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The bar is pretty long, and getting a drink was easy. There were about five customers when I got there and about ten girls working. With those odds, all the guys had plenty of attention. Most of the girls were nice, and sat down to chat for a few minutes before asking for a dance.

I told her a few times I wasn't interested in the VIP but finally gave in to a regular lap dance, mainly to get rid of her after. The lap dance area is a small area of stalls near one end of the bar. At least she went away after.

There were a few girls there that I would have willingly gotten a lap-dance from, but they were occupied the whole time I was there. Not a bad place to grab a few beers and check out the sights. I'll probably go back the next time I'm there.

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I was in the sea on business, and decided to visit the local places. Went people were friendly. Since it was a sunday, I was expecting it to be slow. I saw a blonde, brunette thickand one black girl working initially. Then all of a sudden came a pale skinned red headed girl edgy. After to talking to a few others, she came my way. Very nice with a great relaxed attitude and up food quite a pretty face and even her hair was partially shaved, but still looked nice on her.

After talking I gave her a dance, which she did very nice at, no roaming hands on either side as there are cameras in the regular dance area. After findng out what's available, I decided to go for a short visit to VIP. After reaching the VIP Area, I notice not only timer which is fair in my bookand a alert switch safety for the girlsbut also another camera It's sad when businesses do overkill on anything prices, admission, amount of dances, VIP prices, etc.

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None the less she made the experience enjoyable but again nothing spectacular. I pass through Grand Junction once a year, and this was the second year I've managed to get to Fantasy. I got there about 10 on a Saturday evening -- it wasn't crowded, but the stage show seemed pretty high energy. Maybe it was just the night I was there -- there were three drunk girls at one end of the stage, whooping and hollering and having a great time.

They were going through ones at an amazing rate. The Grand junction strip clubs there were all 7s or 8s and up. I only saw one with fake boobs good for me, since I hate fake boobs. The stage had a pole at each end, with two dancers at a time, one on each pole. Every one I saw go on stage gave a very athletic pole show.

That night it seemed it was all about the stage show. I don't know if that's always the case. Maybe it was because of the drunk girls, but the year there had also been a lot of loud drunks at the stage. For a while I was afraid I wasn't going to have much luck getting dances.

After quite some time I caught the attention of the girl I'd had my eye on since she went on stage, and she came over and asked if I wanted a dance. She was a girl-next-door cheerleader type, almost no tattoos or piercings, small firm boobs -- in short, exactly what I like.

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I remembered from last year that they have some fairly private booths off to the side of the main floor for lap dances, but the dances there are all no contact. She didn't even bring thos Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Colorado Grand Junction Fantasy. Fantasy 5 reviews Add review. If you want to get the job in this club as a dancer or escort model, please send your CV via : [ protected]. Club type: Topless Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

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Grand junction strip clubs

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