For a woman who desires a man with qualities

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What is it that draws a woman towards a man? What is that women really want? We know you've always wanted to know what it takes to impress the woman you like. Well, turns out, it's not as difficult as it seems. While every woman has a different choice when it comes to men, it won't be wrong to say these 10 qualities are the one every woman in the world gets attracted to in a man. Mystery attracts a woman to a man like moths to flame.

They always want to believe there are a million stories he hides from the rest of the world. They love the idea of discovering new things about their man over time. They want to know the part of your life other than what they see, that it takes someone special for you to reveal who you really are. The more you try to hide, the closer they want to come. The more you try to cover, the more they want to see.

Truth of life — funny guys are the most popular amongst girls. Who doesn't like a guy who can lighten up the mood a little? If you can make her laugh, half the battle is won. But the trick is to not try too hard. Girls love men who are effortlessly funny, who can make people laugh at the nastiest of jokes without coming across as insensitive pricks, and more importantly, those who can laugh at themselves as easily they do at others.

Be perfect. Always be perfect unless you can be funny; then always be funny. As cliched as it may sound, a confident man really makes women go weak in the knees. There's something they find very attractive about a man who's certain and unapologetic about who he is and what he wants. Indecisiveness and self doubt are best kept out of her radar. A woman would always prefer a man who has the courage to walk up to her and tell her he's interested than a boy who's too scared to even look her in the eyes.

All relationships are fun in the beginning. It is after the honeymoon phase gets over that boredom begins to seep in and unless you're spontaneous, things are not going to get any better. Women find spontaneity and unpredictability incredibly attractive. Who doesn't like some excitement and adventure in life? They want a man who doesn't need to make 'plans', one who takes life by the day.

They want to be surprised every time they meet you, they want to know you'll be up for any plan at any time of the day because lets face it — the best things happen For a woman who desires a man with qualities you're least expecting them. Being able to talk freely in front of people without getting awkward and jittery is a skill you really need to start developing right away. Being a smooth talker really is one of the most underrated qualities in a man. Nothing gets a woman more hooked on than a man who knows how to hold conversations and express freely without feeling shy.

There's no bigger turn off for a woman than a man whom she just doesn't connect with. Women want their space as much as you do. The moment they sense you're possessive, they begin to draw apart. A man who's happy within himself, someone who doesn't need constant attention, someone who can go on a day without talking on the phone thrice, someone who won't lose his mind the one time she goes out partying with her best friends and gets drunk, someone who has a life beyond the relationship is what women desire.

Nobody wants a partner who clings on to them and ties them down forever. Trust us, dumb men are the biggest turn offs.

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Women are extremely fascinated with men who always have something substantial to contribute to a conversation. It is always interesting to listen to a man talk of his experiences in all the countries, cities and towns he has been to and all that he saw there. It's true, you can never run out of interesting conversations with intelligent people. And, that's precisely why girls dig intelligent men.

Women believe sensitivity is a strange concept to most men and that is exactly why they fall head over heels in love with a man the moment he shows his sensitive side. They want to know the man they're going out on dates with isn't a chauvinistic prick! They want to know he knows the gravity of a situation and who is understanding and accepting towards all kinds of people.

Women absolutely swoon over men who have a purpose in life — something they really, really love doing.

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It shows there's something to look forward to in your life, it shows you're crazy about something and that passion is infectious. It makes them want to be around you more and more and just admire your zeal in life.

You don't need a ripped physique to be manly — it takes much more than just that to be manly. She needs to constantly feel an irresistible urge around you. Your eyes should tell her how much you want her every time you look at her. You need to make her feel you're strong enough not just physically to protect her. You're a man and you should feel like one.

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You need to find the raw manliness in you and make her see it too. Yes, it is really important. Even an 'out of bed' or 'scruffy beard' look needs some basic grooming. You need to keep yourself clean, presentable and well groomed at all times, especially when you meet her. Women love men who spend some time on their looks and believe in looking good. Women expect men to be kind and if they find this one quality in them, it calms their heart and makes them feel amazing.

This means caring for the less fortunate, doing something for the old or maybe just helping a dog or maybe helping an old lady cross the road. For women little things matter the most and they will acknowledge your efforts. Girls really appreciate if men actually listen to them. You are paying attention to them and listening every bit of the conversation makes them feel important and will definitely enable you two to build a stronger and more meaningful relationship. So next time, listen to whatever she is saying very carefully. Men are very careless when it comes to keeping their surroundings clean and trust us- it is a big turn off.

You can't keep your room clean is only going to make her feel grossed out. As much care and effort you put into looking good, put half of that into cleaning your surroundings! Woman feel amazing when they see men being organized and keeping their belongings systematically.

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Women are appealed by romance instantly, don't be creepy ,be romantic and you'll do just fine. Romance is bold, it shows how important your partner is for you. So, do something romantic the next time she comes over! Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features!

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For a woman who desires a man with qualities

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10 of the Most Important Qualities Women Look for in a Guy