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Forum: missoula. Established long term couple seeking land lease opportunity to garden and pasture poultry in western. Elise Chavez. Optional 'thank-you' note:. Prior experience includes a permaculture de course taken in the spring of with Michael Pilarski of the Inland Northwestern Permaculture Guild, after which we started our first home flock of 6 chickens and personal garden. Later that summer we ed up with another local producer, E2 Food, for a consumer supported agriculture endeavour. Growing in the Frenchtown area our personal input focused on multiple varieties of colored potatoes and heirloom winter squash.

Highlights included solar powered flood irrigationand homegrown OG farming practices. In both my wife and I moved to Whitefish Montana and interned on an organic farm from March till November. We gained valuable ranching experience working with sheep, goats, cows, llamas, and pigs in a rotational and segmented pasture system. Worked closely with an heirloom flock of Langshan chickens, mixed bantam hens, and guinea fowl for egg production.

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The ranch delivered produce weekly to CSA customers. Further experiences, including but not limited to, planting several raised garden beds with both seed and vegetable starts, installing double dug row gardens on pasture cleared by pigs, managed tomato and pepper crops in hoop houses, using aged manures to amend beds, expanding a raspberry patch by transferring rooted cuttings, giving oversight to chicken butchering, and planting rows of cereal grains to test the feasibility of growing onsite chicken feed.

Couple seeking Whitefish Montana include an array of raised beds and double dug gardens fertilized with aged horse manure installed just outside the kitchen. This year's planting included swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, kale, mustard greens, tomatoes, squash, onions, carrots, and potatoes.

A poultry coop was integrated into the side of a garage, complete with interior feeding tubes and nesting boxes. Swales and a retention dam were put in place to control runoff water flowing from a nearby horse pasture. Laying between eggs a day, we sell cage free ungraded eggs to local families and through a retail feed store.

The average dozen contains several shades of brown and green. The flock reached self sufficiency this year, covering all overhead costs in January, and is primed to bring eggs to the Missoula farmers market.

We consider ourselves to be very passionate animal behaviorists with a DIY mentality wanting to live a self sufficient lifestyle with minimal footprint.

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Hoping to find a likeminded community that would like to expand their current gardening environment towards true self sufficiency. Willing to provide our labor and expertise to install landscaping features and gardening improvements as requested, and abide by a farm sharing agreement to provide seasonally available fresh vegetables and eggs. Running water would be a necessity. We can provide much of our own electrical needs with a small solar system. Would be willing to rent an existing structure, or stake a wall tent.

Long term arrangements possible given the right circumstances and community structure. Please if interested. Thank you in advance. ValiJo Miller. Hi, This isn't Missoula, it is windy, small town Cut Bank. But this old homestead ranch I own and live on has a great deal of potential for someone into permaculture and willing to adapt permaculture ideas to fit this environment.

Currently I have sheep and goats. At one time we had a large garden, dairy cows, pigs, chickens, beef cows, rabbits providing my family with all the food we needed and with extra to sell. I am in the process of submitting a historical registration application due to the contribution this early homestead made to the growing community, and because most of the main farm buildings are still intact.

The large root cellar was in use until a few years ago but now needs repairs. The ranch is bordered by the Cut Bank Creek. And yes, there is fish in it. I am very interested in the right person s to take a long term interest in the ranch, implementing permie ideas in gardening, livestock, building, and farming.

And it is also my goal that this place would be workshop oriented to give others opportunities to learn and experience. If this catches your interest, please respond. Thank you. Steve Mendez. We Couple seeking Whitefish Montana been renting a small plot of land 12 m x 50 m using about 30 lpm of artesian geothermal water 39 c for over 20 years.

It has worked out very well for us. Our landlord has said he is open to ideas from responsible people to set up more ag-ventures on his property. Location: Twin Falls County Idaho. Boost this thread! Feasibility of Feeding a Family of 5 on 2 Acres. Announcing Two Crows Farm, with room for more farmers.

Rotating Paddock system for chickens possible?

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