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I sure hope so because its so much fun to see how colorful communities like Cooke City preserve and display their heritage. And I know Cooke has an intriguing history. Located less than five miles from Yellowstone, Cooke City is a mining town where gold was discovered in The park was created after that, so Cooke City and park history are entangled.

The town is nestled in the rugged Beartooth Mountains and for decades the only way to get there was through Yellowstone Park.

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The first bridge across the Yellowstone River was built to provide access to Cooke City. In the s, the notorious buffalo poacher, Ed Howell, used Cooke City as his base of operations.

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My presentation, which is part of the Humanities Montana Speakers Bureaufocuses on women traveling to the park in the s and early s. Grandma went to the park with her aunt, two brothers and seven cousin.

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Family lore has it that they took a cow with them to provide milk for the younger children. These brave ladies literally rode sidesaddle through the roadless wilderness in the s. Emma and her family went there inthe year the Nez Perce fled their homeland in hopes of finding freedom in the buffalo country.

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Emma wrote a gripping of watching Indians shoot her husband, George, in the head, and leaving him for dead, taking her, her sister and their brother captive. By then park ro were good and their was no danger from Indians.

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But Eleanor still had plenty to contend with while watching her children frolic near geysers and driving bears away from her cook fire. That should leave time for questions, and maybe an encore. After all, I have a collection of nearly stories of early travel to Yellowstone Park that I could share. Writer and historian M. Post All you need to know to enjoy the 4th of July in Yellowstone.

Next Post Yellowstone manages people instead of grizzlies during bear jams.

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Yellowstone history presentation in Cooke City on July 12