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Within a few short years he was a trusted confidant. My sister today is not only my best friend, but she is my confidant and great defender. The chief incident cf the movement towards conciliation consisted, however, in the publication of a pamphlet entitled La Conciliazione by Father Tosti, a close Confidant and confidant of the pope, extolling the advantages of peace between Vatican and Quirinal. For teens, this is often an older person that wants to become a confidant so they can get a teen to let down his or her guard.

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See word origin. One to whom secrets or private matters are disclosed. A person in whom one can confide or share one's secrets: a friend. A close, trusted friend, to whom one confides intimate matters or secrets.

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A character in a drama or fiction, such as a trusted friend or servant, who serves as a device for revealing the inner thoughts or intentions of a main character. The definition of a confidant is a friend who you can trust, who you tell secrets.

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Origin of confidant. From French confident. Confidant Sentence Examples. In London he became Pip's intimate confidant. Related articles. Words near confidant in the Dictionary.

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Definition of 'confidant'