Cheyenne Wyoming a little more

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Explore Cheyenne and the surrounding areas by scrolling through the interactive maps and descriptions below. In addition, Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming, a state with one of the highest percentages of white people and the lowest total populations just over half a million people. Finally, Cheyenne is a mid-sized city, with a population of nearly 63, a size that we ultimately found to be desirable for our study de.

Below, we discuss in greater depth the demographicssocioeconomicsand politics of Cheyenne and its surroundings. Inthe total population of Cheyenne was 62, up from 59, in a 5. Inthe total population of Laramie County, of which Cheyenne is a part, was 96, with most of that population clustered in and around Cheyenne, the largest city in Wyoming. Wyoming is the least populated state in the United States. Driving across the wind swept plains surrounding Cheyenne, we began to get a better feel for just how vast and lonely Wyoming can feel.

Compared to the rest of Wyoming, Cheyenne is racially diverse.

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Compared to the United States as a whole, however, Cheyenne is In the late 19th century, Fort Russell now Frances E. Still, on the whole, Cheyenne is a very white city. Even by census block group, there is only one block group where whites are not the most populous race. This tract happens to contain the Frontier Refinery and smaller houses, making it one of the least expensive parts of the city in which to live.

The poverty rate was estimated to be As a general rule, the further north in Cheyenne you go, the higher are both the percentage of white residents see map above and median household income see map below. The city has three high schools, including the recently completed South High School.

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While South High School is more socioeconomically and racially diverse than Central or East High Schools, it also ranks ificantly lower in testing. Because Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming, it attracts a highly educated population who work in government. The largest and fifth largest employers in Cheyenne, respectively, are the state and federal governments.

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Warren Air Force base, and the national guard is the seventh largest employer. As a historic center of the railroad on the Western Front, Cheyenne is still home to a sizeable population of Union Pacific Railroad employees. The railroad also bisects the city, dividing it into two socioeconomically distinct halves, a north and south side of town.

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Indicative of more recent economic development in Cheyenne, the Walmart distribution center, NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputer Center, and a yet unfinished Microsoft data center are situated among the plains to the west of the city, not far from a wind turbine farm. Wyoming is considered by many, including the local residents with whom we spoke, to be a stronghold of conservativism. Clinton, in fact, only won a single county in all of Wyoming: Teton County, where Yellowstone National Park and Jackson, WY have attracted a sizeable portion of residents from more liberal states.

Due to its sparse population, Wyoming has only one congressional district, represented by Republican Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. It speaks to the accessibility of Wyoming politicians that we happened to run into James Byrd in downtown Cheyenne, where we became engaged in a candid conversation about the tenor of Wyoming politics.

Explore Cheyenne, Wyoming Explore Cheyenne and the surrounding areas by scrolling through the interactive maps and descriptions below.

Cheyenne Wyoming a little more

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Cheyenne, Wyoming