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Vaccinations are available for walk-ins and appointments. Walk-ins are available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ampm, and Tuesday ampm. Find more scheduling information here. If you are age 12 or older, call us at HELP to schedule your appointment, or visit us for walk-ins Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ampm, and Tuesdays ampm!

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For more information about scheduling here at the health department. For information about scheduling appointments at other Durham vaccine locations.

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GoDurham offers free rides to and from vaccination sites for individuals with appointments. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your ride to the site and when you are ready to be taken home from the site. Please note that you may be sharing rides with others and that masks and social distancing are required. At this time, children and pregnant adults have not been included in clinical trials. If a woman is part of a group e. A discussion with her healthcare provider can help her make an informed decision.

The U. COVID vaccines have been tested on tens of thousands of volunteers and passed through rounds of clinical trials before reaching final stages of approval by the FDA. Vaccines must meet rigorous FDA safety and effectiveness standards in order to be approved for use in the United States. These vaccines have been created by teams of experts based on years of work in developing vaccines for similar viruses, and safety is the top priority.

Learn more about how vaccine safety is ensured. There are several different Bahama NC single woman of vaccines in development. However, the goal for each of them is to teach our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID Sometimes this process can cause symptoms, such as fever.

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These symptoms are normal and are a that the body is building immunity. Pregnant women should talk with their doctors before making the choice. You do not need to take a pregnancy test before you get your vaccine.

Women who are breastfeeding may also choose to get vaccinated. The vaccine is not thought to be a risk to a baby who is breastfeeding. Additional information can be found here for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Pregnant women are Bahama NC single woman required to provide documentation mfrom their medical provider but are encouraged to talk to their doctor before their vaccine appointment.

The vaccine works to protect you against a future infection. It is safe to get vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine if you have been infected in the past. Jump to sub Last updated May 14, We are currently vaccinating everyone age 12 and older! How can I make an appointment? How can I cancel my appointment or remove my name from the scheduling list? Call the appointment scheduling line at HELP to cancel your appointment. Which vaccine is being offered at the health department? Can I choose which vaccine I receive?

The vaccine administered on your appointment date will depend on the supply we receive. Although you cannot request to receive a specific vaccine, you may cancel your appointment if you'd like to receive a different vaccine than what is offered. Can I request transportation to vaccination sites?

Who will need to get vaccinated? How were the vaccines developed so quickly? Although it seems like COVID vaccines were developed quickly, they were built upon years of work in developing vaccines for similar viruses. How do we know the vaccines are safe? Are there side effects of the vaccines? So far, no serious side effects have been reported. However, some people have reported temporary reactions like sore arms, fevers and tiredness one to two days after receiving the vaccine. More information on side effects can be found here. Can children be vaccinated?

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The Pfizer vaccine can be given to teenagers aged 16 and up, but no additional vaccines are currently available for individuals under Can pregnant women be vaccinated? How many shots will I need? The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines each require 2 doses. The Pfizer vaccine will require a second dose after 21 days, and the Moderna vaccine will require a second dose after 28 days. How much will the vaccines cost me? Vaccines will be free to everyone who receives them, even if you don't have insurance! Do I still need to be vaccinated? View Full Site.

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