At the plaza mall in orney wives

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Below are memories and stories about Govan posted by visitors to the site. Add your own memories or stories by clicking here. Just answering Margaret Fletcher's post below. I am Mary Haggarty and it was 95 Golspie street, cannot believe someone remembers, my mum will probably remember your family will ask her tonight. I remember our next door neigbours on the ground floor the Meechans and particularly John,who was around the same age as myself. I went to St. Constantines Primary School. Of all the memories that I hold dear as a very young boy, was the guy pushing a barrow every Saturday afternoon selling bags of whelks!

Another is the horses and carts assembled at Harmony Row. I used to go to the Harhill Baths every Friday night. Good memories. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any info or stories on the Slaters, Mckechnies or Hutchisons, hope to hear back.

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Remember, Charlies sweet shop opposite us, where after playing football we were soaked in sweat, you got a glass of lemonade for threepence. He also sold single woodbine cigarettes out the packet. Used to jump the dykes with my brother Kenneth. My brother and I would wait for the coal lorry to come round the corner and hang onto the back of it as it drove up the street. The Govan ferry was something special for us to go on, either by ourselves or with our mum.

Galbraith shop opposite Elderpark, they sold us kids a bag of broken biscuits. Teddy boys jumped on little bike and broke it. My dad gave my a slap for not fighting them, god was only about five years old. You never forget these things, but what great days and what character building it was. I was born in 23 McGregor Street Teucharhill in and remember my mum waiting until the last minute and getting a lift to the polling station, promising to vote for whichever party candidate provided the transport aye right still though when the 70s arrived I would have voted for the blonde wummin shouting through a megaphone at the end of the street even though I'd no idea what she was on about or what party she represented, she was a bit of a belter called Margo MacDonald.

I grew up in Govan from to in Wick St. My family moved from North Uist to Govan to find work as did many others. I went to Harmony Row school and below is my class photograph from aroundI have given the names as far as I remember starting at the back row left.

I was born in and lived in Golspie Street until I was 10 when we moved to Garthamlock. I now live in Scotstoun but attend same dentist at Water Row Govan!

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We lived directly opposite the Steamie and I vividly recall playing "ball" against the red brick wall for hours. Only neighbours I remember were children Mary and her younger brother James Haggerty who lived in same close which I think was 95 Golspie Street. I was born and lived in Harmony Row,before moving to Drumchapel in Loving your stories, my nana was born at 15 Elder Street, Govan in Now her daughter my mother is 92 years old and I am fascinated by the stories which her mother passed down to her and now to me.

Mother has an excellent memory and I am attempting to write down stories about; the old shops; events streets and everything. For instance; my mother was standing on the banks of the Clyde inwhen the Queen Mary was launched. I look forward to reading further. My mam would love to know. I remember living in a single end tenement 's at 77 Nethan Street and the excitement on a Saturday morning when the man delivered the coal in our bunker which was right next to our bed. When he had gone, we used to draw pictures in the coal dust on the white sheet on our bed.

Small things eh? Even having a "piece" thrown from the window was an adventure would it be "butter"and sugar or Jam what a treat! Lots of memories too many to say here.

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I was wondering if anyone had any information on the McSherry family? I was born in 57 Nethan St. Many memories but top must be winning Whitefield Cup with Under 13s against Lourdes in by I was born in and lived in Golspie St until I was 10 when we moved to Garthamlock. Pauline Belkadi: Thanks for the name of the shop 'Bobby's'. As I recall they sold very trendy tops marketed as Trendy.

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The huge shoe shop was, I think Bayne and Ducketts. Ther were many menswear shops such as Jackson the Tailor and John Collier. I really like the big Co-op department store and Woolworths on Langlands Road. I was born in Govan in We stayed in Elphinstone Street but after a fire we had to move to my grans house at 62 Golspie Street at the corner of Langlands Road, it was known as McCormick's close he being the owner of a hardware store.

I have memories of buying penny and thrupny canes there to make a bow 'n arrows. Anthony's Primary School and after passing my quallies I went to St. Did the papers for Maggie Slimmins and the milk for the coop this paid for my first real bike from Andy McNeil's, before that I had a clenny model. We moved to a new house in Mallaig Road which was built on what used to be Millers Farm where I stayed until I got married.

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Fond memories include falling in the Elder Park pond and breaking my collar bone, trying to do the fish and chips, building gang huts in the air-raid shelters and raking the middens. Sad to see Govan now but many happy memories. My great grandfather lived at 67 Garmouth Street with his 3 daughters. Would love to hear if anyone remembers the Wallace family! Anyone remember the prego cafe and who ran it?

Used go there for coffee and listen to juke box.

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I worked in Fairfields in the seventies, does anyone remember the name of the bike shop at the Linthouse end beside the roundabout. Run by a tall slim guy whose son was a racing cyclist? I lived my early years in Govan on Vicarfield Street opposite St. Gerard's School where many of my older cousins attended, amongst them the McCurrys. My grandmother's name was Mary Murray she had eight children one being my mother Helen who was born in Lived there all the way through the 70's until we moved to Cardonald in Jimmy's was our local shop and Ruby's was out local bakery which fed the Fairfield's workers.

I recall going to the Co-op hypermarket on a Saturday morning for messages. Almost went to St Anthony's primary. Loved going into Amy's Cafe after coming out of Mackays for my Easter outfits. Used to have a friend called Theresa Moody who died quite young. A friend called Carol Slater. A friend called called Alison Galbraith. I almost ed Majorettes but I had no coordination so no chance of being Govan Queen either that year.

Great times. I don't know the name though and wondered if anyone could remember it. Thanks in advance :. Janet Logan Williamson I remember your family. I used to visit your Mum and Dad. My Mum was Godmother to your brother and I was at your wedding. I was born at 61 Greenfield street in we lived above the dairy and I remember the betting shop. My grandparents lived opposite and I remember being sent down to McGunness for an ounce of tobacco for my grand d pipe. Does anyone remember Reid the baker who was in Neptune Street around about the s? He also had a shop in Govan Road and he lived at 31 I think Copland Road, his name was Robert Reid and he had 2 daughters, Jane my mother and her sister Molly who lived for years in Merryland Street before it was pulled down.

I used to know a Maureen Murray who lived about there she would be about 72 now. I remember the Neptune Street bakery was always flooded and full of cats but people would still queue up outside it. It was great reading all the stories. The jumps I remember were at the swing park at Harhill across from the steamie and at Greenfield where we jumped the middens and shelter and going along the wall single brick width.

I also remember the candy apple man and rag man, I also remember at the top of Greenfield Street as a wee boy of 8 watching a horse drawn Beatties bread wagon relieving itself, what a flood lots of great memories. I learned to play tennis in the Elder Park which stood by me for I played the game for the next 60 years wherever I landed. We stayed next door to the Mellon's in 31 Rathlin Street for a short time, I was friendly with your brother Paul.

Lots of memories At the plaza mall in orney wives that area. He stayed in Nethen Street and was born in Mum married and moved to Whiteinch as and I remember going across on the ferry to Govan, Anyone recall my mum? I was born and brought up in Drumoyne. Went to Drumoyne primary then Govan High. I was born in If there is anyone out there that remembers me please contact me :. Does anyone remember my dad Iain Campbell and mother Margaret Marshall born and ? I would so love to hear from you if you do. I was born in Govan in and lived with my grannie in Vicarfield Street, opposite the school.

At the plaza mall in orney wives

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