Anyone want a great wife

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From spending time together to being a supportive partner, what is it that truly makes a good wife? You want your partner to be a good partnerright? Be a good wife? If you start being a good partner, chances are so will they. Plus, we all know that wives are awesome. Seriously, we make the world go round. And with that comes a lot of pressure. So what is wifey material? Some partners may want a wife that is funny. Other partners may want a wife that likes to go out on adventures.

More partners may want someone who likes to sit at home, maybe Netflix and chill more often than hitting the bars. Everyone has the qualities to be wifey material. But, there are a few qualities that every person should have if they want to be a good wife and partner in their current or future relationship. If you want to have an amazing relationship with your partner, there are 14 qualities that you should possess to be a good wife. Once you have these qualities, you can expect a better relationship. Honesty is the one quality that you should have to be a good wife.

You have to be open and honest with them. When you get married, you should always put honesty first. If you want to be a good wife, tell your spouse everything about you.

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This person should know your vulnerabilities, fears, and more. As much as they should know your happiness, they should also know your sadness. So, be honest with them. Some couples may like crazy adventures, like skydiving. Others may enjoy staying in and reading a book. Whatever it is, make sure you have some sense of fun. And guess what? Imagine Anyone want a great wife you love seeing movies. Your spouse? Not so much.

And it explains why men fall in love with a woman, who they fall in love with, and how they stay in relationships. I first learned about it from my friend Pearl Nash, who also writes for Hack Spirit. The hero instinct completely transformed her own love life. Simply put, men want to be your hero. This drive is deeply rooted in their biology. Since humans first evolved, men have wanted to provide for and protect the woman they love. You can learn more about the hero instinct in this unique video by James Bauer. But after reading about the hero instinct myself, I think learning about this new concept can help a lot of women.

Making your man feel more like a hero is an art but can be a lot of fun when you know exactly what to do. Because there are phrases you can say, texts you can send, and little requests you can use to trigger his hero instinct. Some ideas are life changing.

And when it comes to relationships, I think this is one of them. But, you should be able to admit that you have faults. But be able to talk about it. One of my favorite pieces of advice is breathe, pause, and then respond. Instead of firing off with a quick response that may be hurtful, take a breath, then pause. In that pause, recognize what your partner is saying.

Could you have the fault they are talking about? People are different. You can date someone the complete opposite of you and still have chemistry. But you choose how compatible you are with another person. While it may be easier with someone who is more similar to you, you still have the choice. Even the things that are different can be talked about and respected with an open mind and heart. Listen to them, respect their own choices and opinions, and choose to see the positive.

A lot of this can be avoided by talking about your views, morals, and future plans before marriage. Be real about who you are. Talk openly and honestly. Know what it is that Anyone want a great wife want and why you want it. Figure out who you are and use that in your relationship. Too many women make the mistake of thinking that their partners are invulnerable to pain, precisely because their men. Despite the tough guy act, men are riddled with insecurities, too.

And just like us, they need a confidence boost once in a while. Make him feel good about himself by giving him a compliment every now and then. Men are socially conditioned to give out compliments and not receive them. Let him know that you acknowledge his efforts and appreciate him for the person that he is. Remember what we said about the tough guy act? Underneath that facade is a human being needing a companion who will listen to his stories. Guys are simple beings: sometimes all they need is a box of pizza and you right by their side.

So the next time your guy comes over in a bad mood, lend him your ears and simply listen. Guys are afraid to speak about that stuff so make it comfortable for them. And biology has something to do with it.

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And why guys can struggle to process their feelings and communicate in a healthy way with their partner. I learned this from relationship guru Michael Fiore. Michael Fiore reveals what you need to do to make your man commit to a passionate marriage.

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His techniques work surprisingly well on even the coldest and most commitment-phobic men. If you want science-based techniques to make a man STAY in love with you, check out this free video here.

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Nothing kills a relationship faster than people who do nothing else but obsess about the relationship. If your computer is acting up, or if you have a problem in life and you simply need some advice, then seek your husband to help out. A man wants to feel essential to you. He wants to be the first person you turn to when you genuinely need help. Although asking for your husbands help may seem fairly innocuous, it actually helps to trigger something deep within him. Something that is crucial to a loving, long term relationship.

But he still wants to feel wanted and useful — not dispensable. Simply put, men have a biological drive to feel neededto feel important, and to provide for the woman he cares about. Relationship psychologist James Bauer calls it the hero instinct.

Anyone want a great wife

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