Any big girls want some fun today

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New York. Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! There are some pop favoritesa few karaoke classicsand some all-round happy songs. The beats are nonstop and the grooves are infectious. Listen to these songs on Amazon Music. A truly great party has to have drama, and who better to provide this than the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

A waft of angelic choir singing. Add in a dollop of worldwide scandal, objections from the Vatican and the sickest gospel coda ever to feature in a pop song—and you have the greatest party song ever recorded. Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you.

hot Anya

If you weren't already a member of the Beyhive, this one surely got you. It's an anthem for single ladies everywhere but an infectious dance for all. You can't resist that chorus or trying your hand or feet at those ature dance moves. Bop bop-bedop bop-bedop-bedop pow! Yep, pure dance-floor venom. Olympic Swim Team, among about a billion others. Words like "conscious" or "progressive" or "future" do not adhere to it. They have fun. You have fun. We all have fun.

This song hinges on the phrase "Every day I'm shufflin," for Christ's sake. Don't overthink it. Relax, raise a glass, and heed their request to "just have a good time.

naughty madam Vada

This one is pure class. How many times can you listen to this song before it gets old? It never does. This collaboration between Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson was their fourth, and it took off like wildfire. It continues to set dance floors ablaze with it's funky grooves, putting everyone in the mood to dance. True story! Oh snap! Incessant use of the word bootya driven four-on-the—floor drumbeat and a psychedelic music video featuring divas in neon spandex suits spinning like propellers.

Also note: Pump up the jam became a slang term for masturbation in Flemish. The more you know, people. The opening horn riff of Cheryl Lynn's first and best-known single is so certain to trigger a flood of dopamine in your brain, it could rightly be described as Pavlovian.

What follows is a headlong fall into disco heaven—one that no one was in a hurry to get up from: The tune reappeared on the U. Singles Chart inmore than thirty years after its release. Some parties are cool.

cutie bitch Ellie

Some have gimmicks. Some mark a special occasion. But the very best parties have a feeling of unbridled joy to them, and this hit from Wham!

slutty cunt Sydney

But sweet Lord, those high notes, the slap bass and that brass breakdown! Too good. The least likely runaway smash of all time? With a video now closing in on 2 billion views, Psy is without question a juggernaut-size quirk complete with his natty couture and pony-gallop ature dance. Any big girls want some fun today brilliant.

The No. This song was originally written and recorded by Generation X, the punk foursome fronted by Billy Idol, before he remixed and re-released the track as a solo effort in It was a smart move, considering nothing is quite so foolproof as a song about dancing alone From Robyn to Whitney, it's pretty much a power-pop lay-up. After all, there's not one among us who has not felt the ache of loneliness on the dance floor. Thankfully, with a song as universally beloved as this, it's pretty well guaranteed you'll never fly solo.

Rage on, yo. This may be an Usher song, but it bears the unmistakable mark of inimitable Southern rap don Lil Jon. Gwen Stefani dropped her go-to quirky and emo poses on this one, in the process outing herself as a seriously badass dance-floor commando.

Just out of prison and newly ed to Death Row Records, California rapper 2pac was in need of a comeback hit, and he found one in "California Love. Dre, it was one of the most successful songs of 2pac's career, and left no doubt in anyone's mind that California most certainly knew how to party. How do you turn a six-year-old Swiss cult act into an overnight sensation? Add Matthew Broderick, apparently. No list of party songs would be complete without a head nod to the woman who redefined dance-pop music. From its opening bars, this jam gets it right, appropriately heralding the entrance of Colombian pop royalty with a fanfare of trumpets.

Few are able to meld a savvy hook and a globally-influenced beat as seamlessly as Shakira, which she does here with a salsa sample, a reggaeton pulse and a bilingual assist from Wyclef. But its brash beat would whip a dance floor into frenzied energy anywhere in the world. A collaboration between Scottish electro house kingpin Calvin Harris and pop superstar Rihanna, "We Found Love" is a perfect storm of massive club sounds and soaring pop hooks.

An irrepressible blend of euphoria and despair, the tune sat atop the Billboard Hot for ten non-consecutive weeks, establishing it as RiRi's longest running -one single. The Beastie Boys' breakout hit was originally meant to poke fun at the drunk antics of meathead party boys, but it ultimately became one of the outfit's best-known anthems.

Given the song's expert blend of brazen, juvenile raps and chunky guitar riffs, it's not hard to see why. Although, years later, Adam Yauch, a.

lonely milf Maya

The music industry took a minute to catch wind of Fetty's earworm-machine potential, but once net virality took hold a year after the original release of "Trap Queen," the rise was nothing short of meteoric. The sensitive and soft-hearted love-paean has quickly turned from a quintessential summer soundtrack to a contemporary hits classic—no trap house party is complete without it.

We all are, Miss Jackson, we all are. No matter how late it gets, what better way to keep the party going than the supremely uncool cool of the Bee Gees? So pop open that top button and dust off your disco moves as you surrender to the groove. This hugely anticipated not to mention hyped comeback single from Daft Punk became the summer anthem of This single found the late, great British soul singer Amy Winehouse at the peak of her talents, even as she sang about the depths of her despair. For her Back to Black album, producer Mark Ronson teamed Winehouse with Brooklyn funk musicians the Dap-Kings, resulting in songs that are as groovy as they are dark.

As long as the good times keep going, so will the party, and nothing lights up a dance floor quite like a little disco mirror ball included. So find yourself a drink and a partner—or rather, bring your laughter, too—and toast the good times with this megahit. It Any big girls want some fun today out pretty civilized, with that unmistakable keyboard intro, and lickety-split cymbal beats.

I can do the twist! Now tell me baby, do you like it like this? How about a false ending and surprise return? Writhe on, kids! James Brown may not have had the most graceful offstage persona, but the hardest working man in showbiz was a one-man party-starter. We want prenup! Arm me with harmony. What's a hot girl summer? Regardless of the season, it's about doing your thing and not caring what other people think. Megan Thee Stallion and her summer anthem, embody that ideal. She brings the heat, and this song will make you want to just have a good time and not give a damn.

Put on this track and everyone is the life of the party. Even after its short-lived heyday, TNGHT remains one of electronic music's most potent recent matchups. Bass luminary Lunice's club-rattling beats make a viciously ferocious pairing with the recklessly maximalist synth-frenzy of Kanye-affiliated producer Hudson Mohawke.

The single which launched them to trap-mainstay-status consists of just a few elements a looping vocal sample, seismic drums, and a stomping horn riff but together they can make a party sound undoubtedly enormous. No one can be held responsible for what transpires in the four minutes after the opening string melody of Sisqo's breakout single "Thong Song. For a song about underwear that contains the lyrics "She had dumps like a truck" that's pretty impressive. Drake is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in another enigma wearing sweatpants.

On the other: makes super-meta, hilarious, on-point videos like this one fromwhich mocks the very lifestyle it celebrates. Avoid overheating your brain on conundrums like this by just turning your stereo up really loud, hitching up your low-slung trousers and throwing some shapes. All together, now: murderer! Every British invasion arrives with an opening salvo. But never mind all that. Growing up, what was important about this song was what you did when you heard it. Pusha T rejecting this massive Hitboy-produced beat might have been for the best according to him it sounds like a video game because the star power from the respective husbands of Kim and Bey turned the guaranteed banger into a veritable club anthem.

And it's become a necessary party bonding activity, too: trashed guests inevitably screaming "that shit cray! The members of One Direction may still have been fighting through their teen years when this track was released, but they sure knew how to get people dancing. Step aside, Aaron Carter; this banger aled a new generation of boy bands, bigger and better than ever. The widespread success of the Village People may be the most dramatic example of how gay culture went mainstream in the disco era.

Any big girls want some fun today

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