All i want for my b day is a gf

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend from Boyfriend : — We would like to give you Happy Birthday Wishes that you can send to your girlfriend on her very special day. Your wishes and messages are sure to make her happy for the rest of the year. You can make her happy even without party or gifts by just making a sweet card having sweet wishes for her. It is a very special time when you can shower your love and smiles to the person you really care about. When you are in a relationship, it is quite important to remember the birthdays because it is a way of showing that you do care about your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

It happens once in a year so make the best of efforts for your better one this time of the year. You can shower her with lots of gifts, flowers and many more but a special birthday wish can top off your efforts very beautifully. Here are one hundred different birthday wishes for girlfriend that you can use to really win her heart.

Enjoy all! To my wonderful girl, a very happy Born day. May you acquire all you dream of and may we never get separated. Love you always! You are my sunshine, my life and my reason to smile. Without you, I am nothing. A very Happy Birthday dear! Keep smiling. You have made my life full of fun, memories, and joy. Today, as we celebrate your birthday, I would like to promise you that I will fill up your life with love and happiness just as you have filled up mine over the years. I feel fortunate to have a girl with a golden heart beside me. My love for you can never die and I am sure you feel the same way about me too.

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On the most special day- your born day I want you to know how special you are to me I am and always will be thankful to God for bringing you to my live Live long, live happily and keep on loving. Happy Birthday, love! Happy Birthday to the only girl in the world who can rock my world, build my life, inspire me, scold me and love me, all at the same time.

Thank you for all those wonderful days you have made me live. Love you! This one day, your birthday is so special that other days fade away. This year, I have planned to make your birthday the most special of all you have celebrated. Get ready to be surprised honey. Your love is my treasure that I have kept in my mind, heart, and soul. Happy birthday my sweet treasure. I love you more than ever. Just like sunflower does not bloom without sunlight, my days do not become blissful without your sweet presence and tough.

I love you! Hope you continue to cascade your love for me endlessly. But trust me, you are the most precious thing that I have. My love to you is beyond words and action. You are my life baby. On this day, I want to tell you that I will be always by your side to love you, protect you and to care you. I am always yours as you are mine. Happy Birthday, dear! Happy Birthday to the Best Girlfriend anyone could ever have.

You are beautiful, you are awesome, you are king and you are right for me. As you are stepping into the new year of your life, I cannot resist but wish you the best in the world. May you always be happy and spread happiness around as you always do. Happy birthday, Baby! Enjoy this birthday as if it was the last day of your life. Fulfill all the dreams that you have and stay beautiful and happy. Happy Birthday, girl! You are my only love of my life! They say love dies and diminishes with time and distance.

But, our love for each other is growing each passing day. Hope we get to celebrate your more birthdays! I miss you. Not a single another person in the world has made me feel safe and happy as much as you have. I love you dear! Happy birthday! Every time I hug you, I feel I have won a million dollar. You have come to me like the lottery. Happy Birthday, Baby. Be happy always! With each passing day, I feel we have become more compatible, more emotionally linked and more into each other.

All just because of your forgiving and lovely nature dear. Have a very happy life. Happy Birthday! Before you came All i want for my b day is a gf my life, my life was meaningless. But now, as you are beside me, I can see the purpose of my life. I came to this earth just to love you, protect you and give joy to you. You are my life. Our love is not temporary, it is permanent and timeless.

I love you dearest, today, tomorrow and every day! Happy birthday, girl! You are the light of my life and I pledge to protect you from this day on our last day. After you came to my life, you helped me see the world in a positive way just like you do. Your positivity, attitude, and sympathy are what attracts me towards you.

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You are an angel. Happy Birthday, Love. Happy Birthday, love. The only wish I have today and forever is to see you smiling. Make the world around me just like you baby. We need more people like you who in this world. Relish every second of your life love. May you achieve everything you have dreamt of.

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Have the most wonderful day of your life! The upcoming new year of your life has so much to serve you, from happiness to excitement. Get ready to embrace all that comes along. Happy birthday Dearest Girlfriend! You are the one whose beauty and smile multiplies with time. Today is wish you only happiness a lifetime. Before I met you, I dreamt of being with someone just like you, sweet, kind, emotional, funny and crazy.

Happy birthday, baby. Hope you continue to gain success in every step of your life.

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When I am with you, bad times vanishes away rapidly and only love remains. Happy Birthday, Girl. I desire nothing but the greatest for you. You have been the very special person whom I treasure my than I treasure anyone else. I love you, baby. May God grant you the power to accomplish every endeavor you set out to do. I time I hold you, I fall in deeply in love all over again. Our love for each other can never die until eternity. Always stay blessed! Every single day, I think about you. I can never get enough of you sweety.

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I wish you the most unforgettable birthday and most exciting day of your life honey!

All i want for my b day is a gf

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