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If you would like to make bookings or view availability for Golden Gate Hotel and Chalets, please click on the 'Make Reservation' button. Viewing the live video stream requires a lot of bandwidth and uses a large amount of data. Make sure to monitor your mobile and capped internet data usage. Should you not be able to view the video stream optimally, we suggest that you view the still webcam images.

The quality and availability of the video streams are dependent on the network, the quality and speed of the line during the live stream. Many factors affect the uptime and availability of the live video, which is not only limited to technology and infrastructure.

Refreshing the video. If any of the videos are offfline or not playing due to an error, it might be resolved by clicking the [Refresh] links under the video. The Orpen camera video runs at a lower resolution due to the limitation of the bandwidth speed of the connection.

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Some buffering or downtime might be experienced. Regular update monitoring on the stream is in place to ensure that our videos are always running where possible. There are times when nature also plays a role! A webcam is no match for an elephant! Although all of our webcam streams are live there still is some delay in playback, to allow for conversion and creating a few seconds of a buffer. The clock on the webcam might be slightly behind for this reason. Every effort is made to provide a constant and real-time stream to the viewer.

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Our cameras are set to "patrol" key areas around the waterhole to provide a wide and narrow range zoomed in view of the area. While we strive to maintain the best viewing experience, there are times however when a troop of mischievous baboons might decide differently.

Book Now! You can find more information on the booking process by clicking on 'More Info'.

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