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Two round magazines and other high-capacity magazines for an AR are shown at a gun shop in Orem, Utah, February While national attention is primarily focused on gaps in U. The physical damage inflicted by any particular gunshot is the result of a combination of the firearm used and the ammunition fired.

Sometimes, bullets travel through a body like a knife, propelled on a linear path, slicing through tissue and organs. It fragments in the body, ripping apart tissue and blood vessels, smashing bone, and shredding organs along its path. The devastation of a bullet wound to a human body is often irreparable: Spinal injury leaves survivors paralyzed; blood loss and infections can require amputations; intestinal perforations often result in survivors needing colostomy bags to replace their damaged gastrointestinal tracks.

Many gunshot survivors are plagued with a lifetime of chronic pain and suffer premature death from ongoing complications. The current national debate about gun violence is largely focused on firearms: Who should have them? What types of firearms should people be allowed to have? Where and how can they be carried? How should they be sold? Certainly, these are all crucial questions that demand a sustained and serious analysis by policymakers at all levels of government.

But often missing from the conversation about firearms are questions related to ammunition—namely, the role of easy access to ammunition and ammunition accessories in the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. There have been efforts to increase federal regulation of ammunition, most notably actions in the mids led by the late Sen. Recent events, however, have helped to spur new debates about ammunition regulation.

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Many of the mass shootings in recent years have involved individuals who amassed a substantial stockpile of ammunition prior to committing their horrific crimes without drawing concern from vendors or law enforcement. The shooter who committed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U. Disturbing anecdotes of easy access to high quantities of ammunition and ammunition stockpiling can also be found in less high-profile cases from communities around the country.

Ina self-identified white nationalist and officer in the U. The current lax regulations on ammunition leave all American communities vulnerable to gun violence. A crucial component of a comprehensive vision for reducing gun violence in the United States is robust regulation of ammunition. This report discusses the gaps in the current law regarding commerce in ammunition and the easy availability of uniquely dangerous types of ammunition and high-capacity magazines to civilians in the United States.

It then offers a series of policy solutions to address these gaps, including:. Armor-piercing ammunition: ammunition made with bullets capable of penetrating body armor that has no legitimate sporting purpose. Cartridge : an assembled round of ammunition consisting of a bullet, propellant powder, and an ignition device within a shell casing. Full metal jacket : a bullet with a soft core, often lead, that is encased in a hard metal shell or jacket; also called ball ammunition. Handload or reload : the practice of making ammunition cartridges at home using specialized equipment for that purpose.

Hollow point : a bullet with a hollow tip that is deed to expand and erupt when hitting soft tissue such as a human body. Magazine : an ammunition storage and feeding device that is either fixed within or detachable from a firearm. It is virtually impossible to ascertain the scope of the domestic ammunition market in the United States.

No government agency releases any data on the manufacture, importation, or sale of ammunition in this country. In many respects, federal law treats the possession, sale, and transfer of ammunition in the same way as firearms. Most ificantly, individuals who are prohibited from buying and possessing guns under the Gun Control Act for reasons such as felony convictions, domestic violence-related misdemeanor convictions, or being subject to a restraining order are similarly prohibited from buying and possessing ammunition.

It is also illegal for someone to sell or give firearms or ammunition to a prohibited person. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to buy long guns—rifles and shotguns—and ammunition for long guns from a d gun dealer. In addition, while federal law requires d gun dealers to conduct a background check prior to every gun sale to ensure that prospective purchasers are eligible to receive a firearm, this requirement does not apply to sales of ammunition.

Furthermore, there is no corollary responsibility for d gun dealers to keep records Adult seeking casual sex Wyoming NewYork 14591 ammunition sales in the same way they are required to keep records of firearm sales. As a result, under federal law, every ammunition sale in the United States can proceed without a background check and without any records kept, regardless of the type or quantity of ammunition purchased. There is also no obligation for gun dealers to alert law enforcement when an individual appears to be stockpiling large quantities of ammunition.

While all dealers are required to notify ATF when an individual buys two or more handguns—or semi-automatic rifles in four Southwest border states 26 —in a five-business-day period, there is no similar reporting obligation for sales of ammunition in any quantity. This means that an individual who is prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition can amass a substantial amount of ammunition without ever drawing the attention of law enforcement. Bulk ammunition sales are made even easier by another gap in federal law that allows individuals to buy and sell ammunition across state lines without restrictions.

Under federal law, individuals can only buy a handgun from an out-of-state seller if it is first shipped to an in-state dealer; individuals can buy long guns from an out-of-state seller if the parties meet in person to complete the transaction or if the sale is facilitated by a gun dealer in either state. Following the mass shooting at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater in July perpetrated by an individual who purchased 6, rounds of ammunition from an online seller, 28 The Guardian published an investigation highlighting precisely how easy it is to buy an enormous stockpile of ammunition Adult seeking casual sex Wyoming NewYork 14591.

Reporters demonstrated that they would be able to purchase 18, Additionally, there are no federal requirements regarding how large quantities of ammunition must be stored to prevent fire or explosion. When ammunition interacts with fire, the heat from the flames causes the cartridges to explode.

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In these instances, the risk of injury is great both to those near the site of the fire and to firefighters seeking to stop the flames from spreading. The dangers of ammunition stockpiles exploding during fires is real, with numerous instances of these explosions occurring each year. Reporting indicates that the fire originated in a room where reloading ammunition powder was stored and that ammunition rounds were exploding while firefighters were attempting to extinguish the flames; reporting also indicates that the bullet fire prevented bystanders from helping the victims get out of the house.

Federal law also does not impose age restrictions on the possession of long gun ammunition.

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While Adult seeking casual sex Wyoming NewYork 14591 under the age of 18 are not permitted to possess handgun ammunition, there is no similar age limitation on the possession of long gun ammunition, including ammunition for semi-automatic assault rifles. Additionally, while d gun dealers may not sell long gun ammunition to individuals under age 18, there is no similar restriction on private sellers, meaning that individuals who are not d dealers are free to sell any quantity of long gun ammunition to any individual of any age.

Sincesales of both firearms and ammunition have been subject to an excise tax 35 collected by the manufacturer or importer based on the domestic wholesale price. Compounding concerns about public safety, ammunition is excluded from the items under the oversight and regulation of the U. Consumer Product Safety Commission as a result of legislation enacted in Online forums provide information about different voluntary recalls of ammunition and best practices for buying ammunition at gun shows. Another large part of the ammunition industry that currently evades any formal regulation or oversight is the practice of making ammunition at home.

Some gun owners choose to make their own ammunition as a hobby, rather than purchase ready-made ammunition from stores, as a means to create an ideal form of ammunition for their guns or in an effort to save money. While some people create ammunition solely for their own personal use, others sell reloaded ammunition in private transactions or at gun shows. Moreover, there are no systems in place for inspection of homemade ammunition to ensure it is properly reloaded and will not cause injury to the user.

When it comes to the sale and possession of ammunition, a few states have acted to fill some of the regulatory gaps in federal law. According to an analysis of state laws by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, California and New York are the only two states that require background checks for ammunition sales. The purpose of any type of bullet is to penetrate the intended target and cause some degree of damage or injury.

However, just as there are multiple types and calibers of firearms, there is also a wide variety of types of ammunition that vary in their wounding and lethality potential.

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The industry continues to advance ammunition de to include new features or increase the so-called stopping power of the bullet. As the ammunition industry has continued to evolve and innovate, policymakers largely have failed to keep pace and update laws and regulations to ensure that appropriate restrictions are put in place for ammunition that poses increased risks to community safety.

Congress has determined that there is Adult seeking casual sex Wyoming NewYork 14591 type of ammunition that poses a heightened risk to public safety and warrants additional regulation: armor-piercing ammunition. The dangers of bullets capable of penetrating soft body armor—commonly referred to as bulletproof vests—were repeatedly raised by law enforcement organizations in the late s and early s.

LEOPA dramatically restricted the manufacture, importation, and sale of this type of ammunition, largely banning it with few exceptions. The authority to determine whether a particular type of ammunition meets the statutory definition of armor piercing has been delegated to ATF. For the first two decades that LEOPA was in effect, ATF received relatively few requests from the gun industry to consider whether a specific type of ammunition was exempt from the armor-piercing ammunition ban under the sporting purposes exemption.

Under this proposed framework, rifle ammunition would presumptively qualify for the exemption if the only type of handgun that it could be fired from were a single-shot handgun. Any rifle ammunition that could be fired from a revolver or semi-automatic handgun would not receive the benefit of this presumption and would be banned. The proposal was met with fury from the gun lobby, which claimed that it was an effort by the Obama administration to undermine gun rights without congressional support. The largest rounds of ammunition legally available to civilians in the United States are.

The destructive potential of these firearms cannot be overstated. Inthe New York City police commissioner conducted a test to compare the power of a. Colonel Norman A. Chandler, a retired Marine and sniper rifle expert, explained the destructive power of a. While some gun enthusiasts minimize the risk of.

From through3, We have established a nexus to terrorist groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs, international drug cartels, domestic drug dealers, religious cults, militia groups, potential assassins, and violent criminals. The lack of regulations around both. You could kill a man from over a mile away. You can dismantle a vehicle from a mile away. No questions asked.

Adult seeking casual sex Wyoming NewYork 14591

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